Eclipse Thrive Guide

Eclipse Thrive Guide

Aug 21 Solar Eclipse in Leo

With Rebecca Gordon

On August 21, A Solar Eclipse will travel across the USA, so the lights go out in the sign of Leo. Here’s how an eclipse works – astrologically speaking: Our Sun light encodes information. So when our Moon crosses over the path of our Sun in a Solar Eclipse like the one today, everything goes dark for a while – it’s as if radio station of planet earth turns off and the ‘power goes out’ for a moment in time. And never again will we go back to that same original power source of as before. New light-encoded information is being processed during an eclipse.

By the time the Moon travels across and clears the other side of our Sun, a brand new post-eclipse light will begin to shine from our Sun. New beats broadcast from our Suns radio station, as the channel has forever changed. And so, after an Eclipse, this is why we can no longer dance to the same old music anymore, whether it be a job, a thought, a relationship, a home, or a habit. That old power source no longer exists because there has been a sort of power outage and a cosmic upgrade in the heavens.

Lean in to the new challenge that is way outside from your old comfort zone. Trust the Eclipse path and let it work with you. Eclipses are here to help us to evolve.

This one is an invitation to turn off the power in one area of your life, and in fact if you don’t, the cosmic forces may just help pull the rug. The good news is that this is a friendly Eclipse in Leo conjunct the North Node, meaning that you will feel a strong gush of wind behind you pushing you much faster than you could run on your own – as if you are not even the one steering for a while. It angles to Saturn and Uranus in the sky, showing me that the journey will be full of synchronicity and a secure landing is very possible when you make this leap into a bright unknown.



However it will be most important that you stay in your radiant light (despite the fear and shadow self that can also creep up during this time). A good daily practice in Eclipse Season is to imagine that there is an actual sun beaming out from your heart and shining in all directions around you. Also Citrine is a stone ruled by the Sun so wearing it, can also help you to repel the darkness and help you to stay in your light, opening up to your infinite potential. 

This Eclipse will point to where we are in the way of our soul potential by shining a glaring light on the shadows. Because of this stark brightness, things that you need to see will be suddenly exposed and you may be pulled from a deep rut that you did not even realize was a rut to begin with.

Let go and let the Eclipse work its magic. An old version of self will begin to easily fall away as you embrace the new courageous and authentic quality of light that now radiates from your heart. Yeah babe, you got this!


Eclipse – Scopes



Let Go: Draining relationships and social circles that do not make you feel amazing

Dive In: Love, Romance, Fellow fire signs will light up the sky for you


Let Go: An old career objective that you’re not 100% passionate about any longer.

Dive In: New Home, paint colors, essential updates to make your home match your state of mind.


Let Go: An old way of sharing your message. It can be much more fun

Dive In: Writing a book, a blog, learning a new language


Let Go: The money story passed down to you from your parents

Dive In: The ability to hone your craft, know your worth and make a great living doing what you love. Increase.


Let Go: Your story about relationships, an old approach to partnering, archaic expectations

Dive In: Express yourself in a big way, creatively, unapologetically, and be generous.


Let Go: An old routine that simply will not fly any longer for your new lifestyle demands

Dive In: More time for spiritual practice, meditation, baths, quality sleep, and gratitude.


Let Go: Unbalanced love affairs, an old way of not valuing yourself in relationships.

Dive In: A high-vibe community that will love you, and just get you without you having to spell it all out.


Let Go: The old home, way of keeping your home, family contracts and ways of relating

Dive In: Dream Job, follow your true calling, where you find your dignity


Let Go: An agreement or contract that is long overdue. Re-imagine your responsibilities.

Dive In: Broadcasting, Publishing, explore opportunities to share your message.


Let Go: That stable income that you have completely outgrown. There is a brighter future for you.

Dive In: Invest your time, money and energy in a project that truly speaks to you.


Let Go : An outdated self-image. Reimagine yourself as the Eclipse appears in your own sign!

Dive In: A divine union. Whether in love or in business, it is your time to partner and commit this year.


Go: Escapism. Give up a habit or an emotional pattern that is keeping you a little too safe.

Dive In: A new work project and health regimen that has potential to capsize your life in a good way.



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Taylor Harkness


Satya Jewelry: What made you start your yoga practice?

Taylor Harkness: I was a rock climber living in Florida, land of… no rocks! So after lots of training in the gym, I was ready for something new to break up the routine. My best friend took me to a yoga class and it was unlike anything I had ever done before. I was also working as a Paramedic at the time and in need of restoring some balance to my life and my schedule. Yoga changed my life. That’s not hyperbole. Yoga actually changed every facet of my life- from eating and sleeping habits, to physical awareness, to the ways in which I view the world. I’m eternally grateful for every step along this journey.

SJ: What is the best part of your journey in becoming a young yogi?

TH: The people. No doubt about it. I’ve always been a people person, but lots of people had let me down. I was also growing tired of seeing people hurt, sick, or not taking care of themselves. As much as I loved my job on the ambulance and the sense of fulfillment it gave me in providing service to others, I was burning out. We sometimes idolize the calm, hippy-dippy, gracious yoga practitioner. But, yogis are still human. Yogis have showed me that we all still have insecurities, tempers, and bad days. But as yogis, we have tools to combat the worries and pressures. Yogis show up, they own their good parts and not so good parts, and they are constantly working on bettering themselves while encouraging others to do the same. I’ve never loved people more than I do now.

SJ: Who have been the most influential people in your life that lead you to the most growth?

TH: My family, for starters. They have always encouraged me to be exactly who I am and to do what makes me feel best. They have my back and they hold my heart. My friends do the same. In particular, my best friend Kathryn Budig (a yoga teacher who needs no introduction), has been my biggest influence in yoga, my biggest cheerleader, and my sister from another mister! I would walk to the ends of the earth for that girl. And I know she would do the same.

SJ: What do you hope to accomplish with your yoga practice?

That’s the beauty of a yoga practice; there are no pressures to accomplish anything. It’s the one place where pressures and frustrations and limitations no longer exist. I hope– and I know– that yoga will continue to make me feel good, empower me, and keep my body, my mind, and my heart healthy and strong. That’s all I can ask for.

SJ: Any advice for young aspiring yogis?

TH: Practice with a lot of different teachers. Take many different styles. Blow your mind open with anything that feels so outside of your comfort zone that your heart races. There is something to learn, and something for which to be grateful in every moment. I one time took a yoga class on a grassy hill. It was so hard to balance and the ground shifted beneath my mat. I finally stepped off the mat and into the grass and realized that getting dirty was what I had needed that day. Stay open. Sometimes the lesson looks like dirt.

Jonathan Fields


In light of Father’s Day, we sat down with Jonathan Fields: motivational speaker, yoga and meditation aficionado, and an awesome father and family man. Some of you may know him as the founder of The Good Life Project, which is a movement that explores what it means to live the good life. Jonathan’s adventures investigates how to live a life full of meaning and intention by way of hosting a weekly web-series featuring unscripted talks with notable artists, entrepreneurs, makers, doers and changers. With a cause like that, his ability to inspire and put a smile on your face is uncanny. We’re sure guilty of that!

Satya Jewelry: What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a father and how has your family helped your journey?

Jonathan Fields: Simple answer – everything. Being a dad is an all-in, every-day astonishing gift. The opportunity to be present in my daughter’s life, to watch her grow from a baby to a beautiful, warm, kind and smart person. To notice the smallest moments and how her lens on the world evolves. To watch her struggle, persevere and then rise above on her own terms. To share hugs and kisses. To walk hand-in-hand. To seeing her become a creative, maker with her own voice. To dancing horribly, goofily, dad-like, when nobody else is looking. To be constantly reminded that you’re “in service of” and feel immense gratitude. And, of course, to ride along on this journey of discovery with the straight-up coolest woman on the planet, my wife. So, truth is, at least for me, it’s not about any one “most rewarding” thing, it’s about the fabric we eave together.

SJ: You’re the pioneer of The Good Life Project. What made you start that level of conversation?

JF: Good Life Project started largely as a personal quest. I wanted to better understand what it meant to live well in the world. So I began to seek out people to learn from and figured, “hey, why not bring others along for the journey.”  We began filming and airing the web-series in summer 2012. Then, in May 2013, we launched the Good Life Project Radio podcast on iTunes and just this month, we’re about to start producing twice a week podcasts independent of the web-series. It’s really interesting to see how fast the podcast is growing. To be honest, I’ve been amazed at how powerful the response has been. My sense is that it’s tapping into something fairly deep. The show is raw, real, unscripted and in-depth. It shares stories of people who’ve struggled and won. Sometimes they’re big names, but it’s equally important to feature every heroes, people who we can see ourselves in and learn from. I want you to be able to look at any dozen people and say “if they can do it, so can I.” And I also have a commitment to feature both women and men equally over time.

Then the education side of the venture is all about coming together with like-minded people, connecting around shared values, having fun and learning a ton.

We’re actually about to announce our biggest event ever, Camp GLP, which is a 4-day “summer camp for grown-ups meets TED-like talks and Good Life workshops” in September. It’s going to be amazing. And I feel incredibly blessed to be building this venture with my wife and a small team of people who are committed to the cause and can’t get enough of each other!

SJ:  What would you say is your life’s mantra?

JF: Make. Love. Laugh. Give.

SJ: Where do you find your day-to-day inspiration and how does that impact your craft?

JF: Simple things. Beyond love and family, nature is a huge source of inspiration. Which is kind of funny because I live in the glorious catastrophe that is New York City! But I grew up on the water, the end of my block was the bay and that’s where I go when I really want to reconnect to Source.  My daily meditation practice is also akin to opening an “inspiration vein.” It’s not unusual for me to grab a pencil after my morning practice and start madly scribbling to capture all the ideas that come through stillness.

SJ: 5. What do you find in common with the participants of the Good Life Project and yourself?

JF: Shared values and aspirations. One of the things I did fairly early on was craft the Good Life Project Living Creed and then share it publicly on our website. This pretty much laid out my belief system. It’s become a strong point of connection with a lot of our community. You tend to read it and say “heck yeah!” or “no way.” There’s not much middle ground. And that’s a good thing.

To get more information about Jonathan and his movement, visit his website HERE.

Justin Reilley, The Tattooed Yogi


TattooedYogi_BlogCover (2)

Father’s Day is a day to honor a father figure that has protected us, loved us, and helped us become who we are and all we hope to be. This month, Satya Jewelry is taking the time to speak to those whom embody the essence of the Satya man with love, courage, and inspiration. Today, we sat down with Justin Reilley, a noted yogi, father, and down right cool guy to chat with. Some of you might know him as The Tattooed Yogi on Instagram, where he inspires more than 27 thousand followers with his amazing yoga skills. Headstand, anyone?

Satya Jewelry: What made you start your yoga practice?
Justin Reilley: I originally started practicing yoga because I was super stressed out after my kids were born. I was looking for something that would help me move my body but really help me find some calm.

SJ: What are the best things about fatherhood?
JR: The best thing about fatherhood to me is all the lessons it teaches me. It’s taught me to put my family first and really has shown me what’s truly important in life. But one of the best things about it is just being a dad really! I love it! I love every part of it.

image (7)

SJ: What do you hope to accomplish with your yoga practice?
JR: The main goal of my yoga practice is to connect with that part of me that’s deeply spiritual. I find when I connect with that I cultivate so many positive feelings like love, compassion, devotion, understanding and selflessness.

SJ: Who have been the most influential people in your life that lead you to the most growth?
JR: My family has helped me grow more than any one person. My wife is amazing, supportive, and keeps me grounded. My kids inspire me, make me grateful for every minute and have opened my heart to a love I never knew existed. On a yogic level I’ve been inspired by a few teachers but none more than Raghunath (Ray Cappo). He teaches in the New York area. He absolutely changed my life with his teachings and gave me spiritual strength I didn’t know I had. He’s a family man, deeply spiritual and a successful yoga teacher so he’s a great role model for me and always gives me the best advice. I’m so grateful for meeting him.

image (10)

SJ: If you could travel to any international country, where would you go and why?
JR: If I could travel to any country it would definitely be Ireland. One reason is I’d like to trace my family’s roots back to our hometown but also because I think it’d be amazing to just soak in that lush green landscape while having a nice glass of whiskey! One day!

For more information on Justin and his practice, visit his website HERE

World Environment Day 2014

WED_2104It’s World Environment Day, everyone! Today marks the largest day of global action on the planet. Run by the United Nations Environment Program, World Environment Day (WED) is a day to reflect and raise global awareness in hopes of actions that protect planet Earth. This year, the theme of WED focuses on small islands and climate change with the official slogan being, “Raise Your Voice, Not The Sea Level” taking place in Barbados.

WED is a day where we can all become an instrument of global change and countries all over the world are doing their part. In Dhaka, Bangladesh volunteers planted trees on school ground by the roadside and in Male, Maldives, artists have banded together to make art to promote sustainability according to this year’s theme.

To take part in this inspirational global movement, we at Satya Jewelry are proud to introduce our Green Option Checkout. Now, our customers have the option to omit paper and plastic packaging from their orders during their checkout process. So, don’t worry; we’ll do all the recycling for you! Together, we can change the world one step at a time by becoming agents of worldwide change. Visit SatyaJewelry.Com for more info!