Satya’s Top Renewal Tips


Winter’s in NYC can be quite challenging to navigate, and after months of short days, snow storms and freezing cold conditions I’m excited to welcome Spring!!! To honor this transformational time of year and get inspired, I wanted to share my top tips for releasing the energy of Winter and preparing for the arrival of a magical season… I hope it helps you on your journey.

-Satya xo

  1. I always start my day with some time for prayer and meditation. As we approach Spring I like to incorporate a cleansing pranayama. Lighting candles and burning sage are also beautiful rituals that help to purify the energy.
  2. The changing weather can take it’s toll on my immunity so I try my best to incorporate fresh fruit smoothies full of goodness and vitamins. Some of my favorite supplements to add are Macca Powder, B12 and Vitamin D (aka liquid sunshine).
  3. Gemstones are a powerful way to heal and alter energy so choosing gemstone malas and bracelets that will carry me through the season is an important part of my Spring ritual. Aquamarine (for tranquility and courage), as well as Green Onyx (for grounding and guidance) are some of my favorite gemstones for this time of year.
  4. As a creative, making time to go outside and spend time in nature is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. When I’m not able to get out of the city, I like to take long walks along the Hudson River or visit the botanic gardens to see them in full bloom.
  5. There is nothing like getting away for a long weekend or traveling to get inspired and reinvigorated. This year I’m so excited to be traveling to Mexico April 8-14 to host my first ever creative retreat. There are still a few spots left so if you’d like to join me click here to register or find out more.




Expansive Jupiter Enters Scorpio

On October 10th, Jupiter our planet of luck and expansion, entered the sign of Scorpio. So obviously this will be magnificent if you are a Scorpio. Though perhaps you’re not. Still, Jupiter in Scorpio brings luck and potential to some aspect of your life. Below, get the scoop on what Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for you with our resident astrologer Rebecca Gordon.

Aries: You may have more support then you realize from behind the scenes. Jupiter is in your financial sector, holding space for investors, partnerships, and new contracts with great promise

Taurus: Jupiter planet of luck enters the realm of coupling in your chart and this portends to business and love. Open yourself to another and know that joining forces will be your super-power.

Gemini: Reach new dimensions in your career because you are now sharper than a razor, on top of your sleep game, your work-outs are fierce. This Jupiter in Scorpio has your back when it comes to health and work-flow.

Cancer: Jupiter in a fellow water sign will hold you captive, like a lover staring deep in your eyes and then challenge you to crack open your shell and thaw out on a brand new feeling. Travel into the unknown your creativity will steer you well.

Leo: Lions always tend to go big when it comes home. And this is your year to land the largest kingdom with loads of light streaming in. Investing or selling property will pay off big-time this year.

Virgo: You are now ready to peel off the topline information, and take a deep dive into what holds your mind captive. Research, write a book, build a course and tap into your true message for the world.

Libra: Those battle scars from 2011-16 will finally fade as you are beginning to see your true magnificence once again. Jupiter ushers in a period of a financial growth because now you know your worth and are not afraid to ask.

Scorpio: Every 12 years lucky Jupiter comes to visit you for a full year bringing a cornucopia of possibility. Life can seduce you fast with options, so choose your path wisely. Just know that love will have a magical quality as dreamy Neptune slides in to Jupiter’s orbit this year.

Sagittarius: Jupiter expands in the deep waters of your chart, bringing in a new quality of spaciousness and silence to a busy life. Your spiritual practice reaches new depth and your intuition – strong. Take time to retreat.

Capricorn: All work and no play is about to flip script as lucky Jupiter enters the social club of your chart. Although daunting, it will be a good year to make new friends of people who inspire you and truly speak your language.

Aquarius: Jupiter now reigns from the top of your chart, opening gates of opportunity on your career path. Perhaps you’ll change careers, re-enter the business world, launch your own company, or scale it. Your imagination is lit up with the help of supportive Neptune so dream big.

Pisces: Between your inherent creativity and community / friends support, this year delivers the opportunity to reach more people. Whether through broadcasting, publishing, or teaching, you will gain access to a cosmic megaphone.


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HEADSHOTS Satya sisters_gordon

Rebecca Gordon is a celebrated and world-renowned astrologer, founder of the My Path Astrology School, author, and resident horoscope columnist at Harper’s Bazaar. From bringing astrology to your health on The Dr. Oz Show to writing books, and giving consultations, Rebecca engages a range of audiences on the natural cycles and how to incorporate them for a more graceful, enriched and meaningful existence. Known as New York’s #1 lifestyle astrologer, Rebecca has a penchant for both science and spirit, merging the two with an unmistakable accuracy, passion, and the grounded wisdom of a Virgo.  Her newly released astrology book co-authored by Stephanie Marango MD titled ‘Your Body and the Stars’, features the intersection between health, the body and astrology. When she is not translating the stars, Rebecca loves to dance, practice Kundalini Yoga, travel without a map and play the cello!

Learn more about Rebecca Gordon at 

Durga: The Fearless Goddess

Durga is known as “the invincible one”, and she represents the true source of power within each of us. Her eight arms each carry a different weapon for helping us to overcome doubt, duality and ego. Sometimes we need a peaceful conch or lotus, and sometimes we need the fierceness of a sword to cut through- depending on the situation! She is a symbol of our ability to blossom into our true essence, which is pure light and love. Wearing her is a powerful reminder of your own infinite strength to rise up, overcome difficulties and create what you want while rooted in truth and love.

Patiala-compressed.jpgEver since Kimberly Snyder went to the Durga temple in Varanasi, India, she was drawn to Durga. “She is a total badass, female empowerment embodied, riding on a tiger or a lion that represents power, will and determination.” Here are some of Kimberly’s favorite of Durga’s eight weapons:

  • The thunderbolt signifies firmness in one’s convictions. Durga reminds us to go forward with confidence in our endeavors, and to believe in ourselves.
  • The lotus means “born of mud,” reminding us to stay true in our spiritual quest and staying anchored in light and love amid the mud of worldly problems and distractions.
  • The sword symbolizes knowledge, to cut through duality and delusion and keep on the rightful path.
durga statue and bracelets



Fearless Love Durga Necklace


Divine Light Amethyst Mala

A selection of 9 pieces that focuses on Durga—Hindu goddess, warrior for peace and remover of fear—The Fearless Goddess Collection co designed by Satya Jewelry & Kimberly Snyder, inspires us to step into her our power so we can emit her light and love out into the Universe. Utilizing pink tourmaline, stone of charity, peace and abundance, and pink quartz, known for its connection to unconditional love and compassion, each covetable piece can be worn alone or layered for a more personalized experience.

Amethyst, symbol of spirituality, prosperity and peace, creates a mala—or ancient prayer necklace—and complementary bracelet ideal for using in meditation. Pendant necklaces play upon different interpretations of “light” while evoking Universal love; stretch bracelets with bezeled stones offer protection to their wearer while encouraging an open heart. Gleaming 18k gold plated Durga accents throughout the collection represent the divine power and strength of the feminine.


We hope this collection inspires your inner fearless goddess so you can step into your power and manifest your dreams. Believe in yourself. We believe in you.

With love and light,

Satya & Kimberly

Satya Jewelry And Kimberly Snyder's The Fearless Goddess Collection







Fall Inspiration: Abundant Radiance

Inspired by the golden light of an Autumn, Satya Jewelry introduces The Abundant Radiance Collection for Fall 2017. Honoring the profusion of blessings bestowed upon us by the Universe, the selection focuses on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings designed with sacred symbols and semi-precious gemstones of labradorite—stone of imagination, perseverance and truth—and citrine, stone of happiness, radiance and awareness. The warm, earthy hues of the stones play beautifully beside 18k gold plate, mimicking the golden light of an autumn day.

Lotus flower petals, sacred symbol of new beginnings and full potential, appear on choker necklaces, stretch bracelets, rings and earrings never before seen in previous collections. The hamsa, or hand of protection, features intricate design work across numerous pieces. OM symbols, the sacred sound of the Universe, reflect our desire to connect not only with the divine, but will all of humanity. As we pay homage to the copious goodness of the Universe, we inhabit a place of gratitude, radiating love and light back into the infinite.

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Coachella Highlights

When the music stopped playing, the yoga mats got rolled up, and the party ended, we came to the realization that Coachella was really over. But that’s okay, because we have a great story to tell and amazing pictures to look back on to remember what an amazing experience we had.


The Parker Palm Springs Hotel was gorgeous and beyond our expectations. Upon arrival, the atmosphere was infectiously energetic and we knew this was going to be a weekend of uninterrupted fun, relaxation, and inspiration. The first day we met with the team from Harper’s Bazaar, poolside, to set up our pop-up shop for the exclusive private party. The shop looked great and featured other brands like Urban Decay, Butter London and Evian. As DJ Mia Moretti played her lively set through the party, starlets like Katy Perry and Julianne Hough stopped by, taking a peak at all of our exclusively selected items. Guests had a one-on-one styling session with the editors and got to try on some our most Coachella styled pieces and we had such a great time meeting everyone.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 4.27.09 PM

On the second day of the festival, we had our invite-only yoga set lead by Satya and Normandy Keith while Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go’s played live music. We loved having a chance to find some Zen with everyone amongst the high-spirited festival events!


Until next time, Coachella!