New Fall Favorites: To Inspire Your Journey

As summer slips into its unhurried rhythm, we honor the transition to Fall with a selection of timeless pieces that capture the inspiration and wonder of spirituality in its myriad forms. Designed with beloved healing gemstones, each piece has been created to assist its wearer on their journey to their highest truth.


Amethyst imparts peace and prosperity while supporting spirituality; apatite improves insight, clarity and confidence.


Gold stone, an new gemstone addition, improves ambition and communication; fancy jasper enhances focus, creativity and fosters grounding.


Classic symbols of divinity—the lotus flower, Ganesha and the mandala—add glowing accents to the gemstones in 18k gold plate, while designs rooted in nature—mountain, stars, sun and moon—link the spiritual realm with the physical world.


New malas—or ancient prayer necklaces—aid in manifestation, while never seen before necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings add an inspiring aesthetic to round out the collection.


As we ground ourselves to the nature around us, our spirituality takes root. Our souls are free to soar.


Summer Inspiration: Celebrate Vitality

In celebration of Summer, Satya Jewelry introduces its latest Classics Collection, a sweeping selection of necklaces, malas, earrings and bracelets that embody the positive energy of the Universe and the power of our precious individuality.


As with all Satya classic pieces, spiritual symbols, including the lotus—symbol of new beginnings—and Om, the sacred sound of the Universe, figure prominently through the collection to inspire their wearer and enhance their journey.


Honoring the divine feminine, moon designs lend nourishment and goddess energy; Durga, goddess of fearlessness, imparts strength. Ganesha, remover of obstacles, encourages success as the mandala calls to mind the sacred infinite cycle.


A gleaming rainbow of semi-precious gemstones mirror the seven chakras, or energy centers, where our divine life force resides—a reminder to live in harmony and balance.


Gleaming white topaz and earthy turquoise celebrate the self; amethyst uplifts the spirit to enhance creative endeavors.

SatyaJewelry_2018_May_CLassics_BLING STORY_HR

Carnelian and citrine reflect the brilliance of the spring sunshine; in its warmth, we unfold, revealing our vitality.


The May Classics Collection is a celebration of the beauty of the collective Universe; let us honor our unique sacred place within it.


Healing Gemstones Every Mom Should Know About

As Mom’s it comes natural to us to nurture others but what about ourselves?  As a business owner, and a single mother of twins, I have learned how to take care of myself in a subtle but powerful way. Working with gemstones for the last 20 years, has taught me how powerful these gifts from Mother Nature are. They are little reminders of how incredible we are as Mom’s and help encourage us to take a breath when we’re faced with a moment of challenge.  The healing effects when worn can shift a day of stress to a day of calm.  I can use different stones to keep me steady, balanced and happy throughout my day.  There are thousands of stones with amazing healing properties but here are the top 5 that I can’t live without as a mother.

Black onyx is the stone of strength and perseverance. When I gave birth to my twins I wore nothing else for the first 3 years. This stone is powerful to help the transition to motherhood which no one can prepare you for.  I was naturally drawn to this stone these first few years learning later that this was the stone of endurance.  It was exactly what I needed.

New Classic_rosequartz_lr

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and compassion that opens and heals the heart. As mothers, we give love all the time, yet often we forget to receive. This stone is the perfect reminder to love ourselves unconditionally. Only when we truly love ourselves are we able to receiving love from others.

Turquoise is the stone of health, balance and intuition.  This very nurturing stone always helps to bring me back to my center. As a blue stone, it’s also connected to the throat chakra, the powerful energy center that helps us to speak up for ourselves. When we speak our truth, anything is possible!


Carnelian is the stone of protection, stability and vitality. This stone helps you to be fearless and courageous in all that you do.  When life hands me a little more than what I’m ready for, this is the stone I wear to push me through to the other side. Wear this to channel your inner fearless goddess!

Last but not least is Angelite, the stone of acceptance and compassion.  I like to use this for my own self-acceptance and compassion towards all that I do as a Mom.  I know from so many Moms, that we all carry guilt and self judgement. This happy and calming blue stone helps me to love and accept myself just the way I am.


Spring Inspiration: What’s Your Birth Flower?

With the season of expansion on the horizon, Satya Jewelry salutes spring with the New Flower Birthstone collection; inspiring necklaces that celebrate the extraordinary uniqueness that blooms in each of us. Semi-precious birthstones are accented with the corresponding birth flower for each month that beautifully represents your previous individuality. Curious to discover what your birth flower means? Start scrolling…

January Birth Flower: Carnation

IMG_0267_JanCarnation, the flower for January, instills a sense of pride, beauty and fascination on your journey to growth.

Red Garnet, the birthstone for January, draws to you love, friendship and guidance on your path to truth.




February Birth Flower: Iris

IMG_0275_FebIris, the flower for February, opens spiritual communication and connection to the Divine on your path to truth.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, imparts peace, spirituality and prosperity as you embark upon your journey.




March Birth Flower: Daffodil


Daffodil, the flower for March, supports your rebirth and the new beginnings that await you.

Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, lulls you into tranquility, emboldens courage and restores peace as you greet the day.




April Birth Flower: Daisy


Daisy, the flower for April, celebrates innocence, purity and the grace with which you walk in the world.

White Topaz, the birthstone for April, celebrates individuality, creativity and awareness, bestowing clarity in your creative endeavors.



May Birth Flower: Lily


Lily, the flower for May, strengthens mercy, compassion and the feminine power to enhance your journey.

Emerald, the birthstone for May, imparts wisdom and manifests abundance as you seek your highest truth.



June Birth Flower: Rose

IMG_0272_JuneRose, the flower for June, opens your heart to love, honor and the beauty of the world around you.

Pearl, the birthstone for June, imparts calm and foresight as it celebrates the purity and beauty of your enlightened spirit.




July Birth Flower: Larkspur


Larkspur, the flower for July, draws to you love, affection and a pure heart to see the magic in the journey.

Ruby, the birthstone for July, ignites passion, integrity and manifests prosperity as you reach for your dreams.




August Birth Flower: Gladiolus


Gladiolus, the flower for August, enhances honor, remembrance and strengthens your character for the adventures ahead.

Peridot, the birthstone for August, aligns true purpose with strength and friendship for the journey to your most authentic self.




September Birth Flower: Aster

IMG_0268_SepAster, the flower for September, enhances patience and showcases elegance as you walk

on your  path with grace.

Sapphire, the birthstone for September, manifests love and trust as it bestows protection.



October Birth Flower: Marigold


Marigold, the flower for October, celebrates the beauty and warmth you radiate to the Universe.

Tourmaline, the birthstone for October, opens the heart to charity, peace and abundance so you may see the beauty in the world.




November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

IMG_0267_NovChrysanthemum, the flower for November, elevates good spirits, cheerfulness and devotion to what matters most.

Citrine, the birthstone of November, illuminates the path with radiance, happiness and awareness for your journey to joy.




December Birth Flower: Poinsettia


Poinsettia, the flower for December, welcomes purity, innocence and peace.

Turquoise, the birthstone for December, imparts health and intuition for the journey ahead.






Celestial Musings: New Goddess Moon

With the advent of March, Satya Jewelry launches The Goddess Moon Collection, an homage to the infinite power of the moon and its innate connection to the divine feminine.

PhasesOFTheMoon_EmailMobile_2.jpgDrawing upon the phases of the moon to guide our journey and influence our lives, the collection showcases Her evolution from a delicate crescent slicing through the inky night sky to beauty in its entirety, Her face illuminating our journey to truth.


Pendant necklaces in gleaming 18k gold plate and silver are accented with dreamy moonstone—gemstone of intuition, passion and good fortune—and hand-engraved moons in its myriad phases. Choker necklaces and complementary bracelets flutter with moon charms; bar necklaces with celestial designs are ideal for layering.


Mystic labradorite and grey agate accents throughout the collection lend a luminescent aesthetic, capturing the ethereal energy of the moon as She governs the tides and encourages our own expansion.


New earrings and an eye-catching ring speak to the power of the feminine, a wearable reminder of our sacred power. In Her quiet transformation, the moon reveals her eternal wisdom; in trusting our own evolution, our highest self emerges.