Holiday Inspiration: The Night Sky

This Holiday season we drew our inspiration from the heavens above! Featuring designs inspired by the sun, moon and stars, The Night Sky collection is a celebration of the celestial bodies that govern our internal rhythms, encouraging us to shine brightly amidst even the darkest night.

New pendant necklaces and earrings mimic the night sky with white topaz stars that glisten like beacons against obsidian gunmetal backgrounds, their contrast infusing each design with inspiration and illuminating the path of dreams.


Sun symbols in gently hammered gold scatter light and harness vitality, calling to their wearer to embrace sacred life force.

Stretch bracelets in healing gemstones of hematite, black onyx and white jade capture the dichotomy of light and dark; stars and sky; sun and moon.

A mala—or ancient prayer necklace—of healing white jade stones evokes the luminescence of the moon, lending unity, protection and understanding to its wearer.

As we gaze upward into the night sky, we are reminded of our souls’ infinite potential; we accept the invitation from the heavens, allowing our sacred light to illuminate the darkness.

New Fall Favorites: To Inspire Your Journey

As summer slips into its unhurried rhythm, we honor the transition to Fall with a selection of timeless pieces that capture the inspiration and wonder of spirituality in its myriad forms. Designed with beloved healing gemstones, each piece has been created to assist its wearer on their journey to their highest truth.


Amethyst imparts peace and prosperity while supporting spirituality; apatite improves insight, clarity and confidence.


Gold stone, an new gemstone addition, improves ambition and communication; fancy jasper enhances focus, creativity and fosters grounding.


Classic symbols of divinity—the lotus flower, Ganesha and the mandala—add glowing accents to the gemstones in 18k gold plate, while designs rooted in nature—mountain, stars, sun and moon—link the spiritual realm with the physical world.


New malas—or ancient prayer necklaces—aid in manifestation, while never seen before necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings add an inspiring aesthetic to round out the collection.


As we ground ourselves to the nature around us, our spirituality takes root. Our souls are free to soar.


How To: Layer Your Altar

November_ Blog_layers

“When I think of my jewelry, I think of it as an extension of who I am.  Each piece has a story and represents a time and place where I am in my life. The pieces I choose to wear each day differ depending on how I am feeling but I always follow a couple of simple rules for layering my altar…

1. Heart Center:

When layering on my jewelry, I always start with the pieces closest to my heart which is usually my Om and Zodiac necklaces on 18 inch chains.

2. Layer On Strength: 

My 18 inch chain is followed by a 24 or 32 inch chain that hangs at my Solar Plexus Chakra. The solar plexus is the core of your self where your will, power, and assertiveness originate so that’s where I love wear a symbol of strength or wisdom like a Mandala or a Hamsa.

3. Meditative Mala:

I always finish with a gemstone mala that I have usually made myself. An authentic gemstone mala that’s infused with my own intention works to ground and remind me that I can always find inner piece when I turn within.


November_ Blog_layers_necklace


Get the Look : Scorpio Zodiac Necklace GoldReclaiming Self Ganesha NecklaceGold Hamsa Necklace – In the NowAbundant Tranquility Mala

4. Arm Yourself: 

Last but not least, my wrists are always filled with bracelets of healing gemstones and symbols which all have their own meanings. Rather than select my stack based on color,  I allow my intuition to guide me to exactly what I need.




The Mala

A Mala is not a regular necklace.
Malas have been used for thousands of years in yoga and meditation of Buddhism and Hinduism.
Normally, malas are made out of 16, 27, 54 or 108 beads, and each bead of the mala is used to keep count of each time reciting a mantra or the name of a deity.
This kind of meditation is called “Japa” in Sanskrit, and it consists on counting the beads of the mala while reciting a positive affirmation or mantra along each bead to come into a more calming, connected and spiritual state.
A traditional tool for prayer and reflection, the mala has been a part of Satya Jewelry collections since the beginning.
Malas can easily be wrapped around the wrist or it can also be worn as a bracelet, and the 108 beads serve as a reminder to meditate on what is important and sacred in our own lives.
You can find online here in our Mala collection.

How to Wear It: Statement Cuffs

Statement cuffs, by definition, can dominate an outfit. When it comes to wearing cuff bracelets, the challenge and the genius is in striking a balance between punctuating your outfit without overpowering it. So how does a savvy dresser accessorize with cuffs?

Tip 1: Keep other accessories minimal, or better yet non-existent. Pile on too many accessories and risk looking weighed down and confused.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to stack cuffs. Your wrist and arms are the area of focus, and stacked bracelets can put an underline on that emphasis.

Tip 3: Statement cuffs aren’t just for going out. Big cuffs can amp up an everyday uniform of jeans, a t-shirt and booties.

Tip 4: Set off metallic cuffs with bold colors.

We’ve tried to put some of our tips into practice with a few Polyvore sets. Take a look at our selected styling of some of favorite cuff bracelets for everyday wear, from workday essentials to weekend going-out wear.

casual jeans and cuff bracelet


Weekend Warrior
A cuff can add dimension to even the most comfortable of outfits. Add our stack of silver bangles cuff to some kicking heels and you’re styled and ready to go!

working outfit with cuff bracelet








Working Girl
Sling on our braided gold cuff on your way to work helps to chase away a case of the Monday blues.

jeans and cardigan cuff bracelet









Casual Girl Friday
Headed to a picnic in the park? Mix our statement-making celestial moon & sun cuff with a casual cardigan to take you on errands or wherever you’re headed.

evening dress with cuff bracelet







Night on the Town
Looking for something that’s a little more Ooh la la rather than om? Our same celestial cuff can add some dramatic flair for an evening out.










Bohemian Rhapsody
Feeling a little breezy? Pairing our dreamy peacock feather-inspired cuff with a long dress will keep you feeling and looking like a goddess.