From Concept to Creation: Spring 2013

Each piece of Satya Jewelry begins in the minds of our design team. At first, they may see only a silhouette or the color of a gem. From there, they fine-tune the details, creating a collection that is well-edited, balanced, and most importantly, beautiful.

Here, we’re giving you a glimpse into the sketchbook of one of our designers, Rohini. We love seeing how her drawings come to life when they are cast in gold and silver.

Click each image to see the finished styles on our website, or shop the whole collection here:


A foray into teardrop-shaped bangles.


The Anew Cuff is available in both gold and silver. We took the silhouette of the blossoming Egyptian lotus in the center and translated it into earrings and a necklace, too!


By isolating the teardrop-shaped lotus petal, we created styles that subtly spoke to the beauty of the lotus.


Rings meant for layering in citrine and blue topaz.