Sign of the Twins: Gemini

Original, headstrong, and optimistic, Gemini makes a great leader. Gemini finds that freedom and independence are imperative for their wellbeing and growth. But don’t worry! You are great at making friends and you leave your mark on everyone you meet. With a dazzling personality, Gemini is great at leading people and forming positive impacts on others.


With your element being air, you are equally as light as you float along different experiences, interactions, and environments. A Gemini can’t be bogged down because they are as free as the wind. One of Gemini’s best traits is that they easily adapt to their surroundings which makes them the perfect partner for an adventure! Do making trips across the world, learning new languages, and experiencing different cultures sound like you? It must also be because your birthstone is the Pearl and just like your stone, you’re as cultured as they come.



Your twin stars in the sky, Castor and Pollux, are mortal and divine which mirrors your mix of earthy curiosity and heavenly inspiration. Despite these twin stars, you are set on your ways on being completely original.  Because of a their trailblazing ways, it can difficult to control a Gemini. But why hold back when you were born to stand out! In order to fulfill your life’s pursuit, which is to explore a little bit of everything, being a pioneer and free spirit is all you need!

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Summer 2014 Arm Yourself Collection

An unforgettable summer calls for unforgettable jewelry that features bright-as-the-sun colors… Which is exactly what we were thinking when we were designing our Summer 2014 Arm Yourself Collection. With blazing hues of green, purple, and pink, (to name a few) you’re sure to make a splash this season!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.33.47 AM

The bracelets feature an infinity loop pendant in either cooling silver or sun soaked gold to remind you of an infinitely and endlessly adventurous summer. These pure silk wraps are reminiscent of all the beauty summer has to offer: the sand between your toes at the beach, lazy naps in the grass, and bright flowers in full bloom. But, we decided to add something a little more meaningful to the collection.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.33.53 AM

This season, the SATYA Foundation will donate a percentage from each sale to the Manjushree Orphanage, which provides care and educational opportunities to children in India.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.33.58 AM

Enjoy the sand and surf, recount the ways the summer sun feels, and sport a piece that looks as good as it feels.

The Summer 2014 Serenity Water Collection

After such a long and arduous winter full of cozy sweaters, warm fires, and yes, lots of snow, we are ready for some sun, sand, and crystal blue waters. In a way, summer is when we get to break free from the reserves of the other seasons. It’s a time to play, a time for exploration, and a time for us to feel energized for the first time all year.

This season, Satya Jewelry is highlighting the ever-changing element of water in honor of the vivaciousness and calmness that summer brings. Two everlasting symbols take on a whole new meaning in this collection: the infinity loop, and the wave. The icons echo the symbolism behind the returning cycles of the tides and the adaptable nature of water from its gentle flutters to its commanding surges of power.


Every piece in the collection is fluid and continuous. Throughout the series, every piece possesses a sense of fluidity and continuity from the gentle curves of the infinity symbols and rolling waves, to the faceted curves of the gemstone raindrops. The infinity symbol and wave motifs are seamless representations of continuity as there is no definite beginning or end. I all of the pieces, a line carries into another or a curve feeds back into itself. The intention of these design elements is to lend a sense of perspective, wisdom and poetry to the pieces.

Despite the even fluidity and continuity, the collection takes on a sense of asymmetry and energy like the unexpected movement of the tides. Not a single piece, when divided through the center, is a mirror image of the other side, including the geometrical forms of the bangles by way of the wave motifs within them. When this asymmetry is combined with the thirst-quenching hues of Blue Agate, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Fluorite, and Chalcedony it adds a sense of energetic innocence, freshness, and modernity to the pieces.


Summer is finally here and amidst the play, exploration, and activity be sure to seek coolness and calm. Emotions will run high, but remember that water is essentially the universe’s emotional nerve center – from the depths of the sea, to surface crests from inner consciousness, to tears of joy. Explore the shades of the sea, its infinite varieties of blue, and its sparkling fluidity splash across the Summer 2014 Serenity Water Collection.

The Gem of May: Emerald

Happy Birthday to those born in May! Your birthstone is Emerald. Emeralds restore faith and hope as well as promoting creativity and wisdom. The stone is also directly connected to love and the heart.


The stone is known to have properties that improve intuition and as a result, emeralds increase the wearer’s perception. In Greek and Roman legend, the Emerald was associated with the spring forms of the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, who also ruled love and beauty. It was believed that the stone protected lovers from unfaithfulness. When the stone was a glowing and vibrant green hue, it meant that their love’s heart was true, but when the stone turned to a different lackluster color, it meant their love’s heart was no longer faithful.


In present day, the Emerald calls to mind the lushness of Mother Nature and the season in which May falls: Spring! To the wearer, the stone evokes a sense of creativity, wisdom, love, and abundance. This spring, embrace the love and lushness life has to offer with our Emerald pieces:

Sign of the Bull: Taurus

Sensual, sensible, and grounded, Taurus is the perfect combination of grace and edge. Taureans can be just as much attracted to the finer things as they are with a feisty spar. As an earth sign, Taureans are not afraid to become one with nature and to get their hands a little dirty. However, with Venus as their ruling planet, they are equally as courteous, charming, and loving.

Taureans prefer to dwell in harmonious environments, despite their tendencies to be a bit fastidious. Given that, Taureans surround themselves with items of luxury that represent sublime elegance and sensuality. But because you, Taurus are also sensible, there’s a good chance you find the finer things for an even finer price. Do candle lit bubble baths, fine wines, and beautiful designer evening gowns sound like you? It must also be because your zodiac birthstone is the Emerald, which represents love and lushness.


Taureans are extremely family oriented and therefore would sacrifice (almost to a fault) many things in order for their family’s well being. Often playing the role of the savior in the family, they place a lot of unnecessary burden on themselves, making their work ethic and steadfastness as strong as their zodiac animal: the bull.

Don’t get too worked up though, Taurus! In order to fulfill your life’s pursuit, which is to have emotional and financial security, you have to have an outlet for your strong voice and emotions. Maybe an interest in writing, art, or creating is in your stars!



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