Celestial Musings: New Goddess Moon

With the advent of March, Satya Jewelry launches The Goddess Moon Collection, an homage to the infinite power of the moon and its innate connection to the divine feminine.

PhasesOFTheMoon_EmailMobile_2.jpgDrawing upon the phases of the moon to guide our journey and influence our lives, the collection showcases Her evolution from a delicate crescent slicing through the inky night sky to beauty in its entirety, Her face illuminating our journey to truth.


Pendant necklaces in gleaming 18k gold plate and silver are accented with dreamy moonstone—gemstone of intuition, passion and good fortune—and hand-engraved moons in its myriad phases. Choker necklaces and complementary bracelets flutter with moon charms; bar necklaces with celestial designs are ideal for layering.


Mystic labradorite and grey agate accents throughout the collection lend a luminescent aesthetic, capturing the ethereal energy of the moon as She governs the tides and encourages our own expansion.


New earrings and an eye-catching ring speak to the power of the feminine, a wearable reminder of our sacred power. In Her quiet transformation, the moon reveals her eternal wisdom; in trusting our own evolution, our highest self emerges.


How To: Layer Your Altar

November_ Blog_layers

“When I think of my jewelry, I think of it as an extension of who I am.  Each piece has a story and represents a time and place where I am in my life. The pieces I choose to wear each day differ depending on how I am feeling but I always follow a couple of simple rules for layering my altar…

1. Heart Center:

When layering on my jewelry, I always start with the pieces closest to my heart which is usually my Om and Zodiac necklaces on 18 inch chains.

2. Layer On Strength: 

My 18 inch chain is followed by a 24 or 32 inch chain that hangs at my Solar Plexus Chakra. The solar plexus is the core of your self where your will, power, and assertiveness originate so that’s where I love wear a symbol of strength or wisdom like a Mandala or a Hamsa.

3. Meditative Mala:

I always finish with a gemstone mala that I have usually made myself. An authentic gemstone mala that’s infused with my own intention works to ground and remind me that I can always find inner piece when I turn within.


November_ Blog_layers_necklace


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4. Arm Yourself: 

Last but not least, my wrists are always filled with bracelets of healing gemstones and symbols which all have their own meanings. Rather than select my stack based on color,  I allow my intuition to guide me to exactly what I need.




Electric New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra on Oct. 19th will bring an invitation to partner in business or love (depending on where your focus is now).  Uranus, the planet of freedom and surprise will oppose the new moon, bringing in a lightning speed unexpected twist in the story.

Having the rug pulled from beneath may seem like a total inconvenience, and it sure can be… Though sometimes we need that perfect wake-up call to reset and jump off the safe merry-go-round. Step into your edge of comfort and explore. There will be gems when you opt to let go of the safe routine.

Blog_NEw moon_libra

The genius in this New Moon will be your power to unleash innovation and new creative possibility between you and another. Have trust in the unknown and remember if you don’t create your own world, someone else will. This is your time to imagine, dream, innovate and explore beyond what you see. You are the architect and creator of your world. Let’s welcome in this electric New Moon in Libra!


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Rebecca Gordon is a celebrated and world-renowned astrologer, founder of the My Path Astrology School, author, and resident horoscope columnist at Harper’s Bazaar. From bringing astrology to your health on The Dr. Oz Show to writing books, and giving consultations, Rebecca engages a range of audiences on the natural cycles and how to incorporate them for a more graceful, enriched and meaningful existence. Known as New York’s #1 lifestyle astrologer, Rebecca has a penchant for both science and spirit, merging the two with an unmistakable accuracy, passion, and the grounded wisdom of a Virgo.  Her newly released astrology book co-authored by Stephanie Marango MD titled ‘Your Body and the Stars’, features the intersection between health, the body and astrology. When she is not translating the stars, Rebecca loves to dance, practice Kundalini Yoga, travel without a map and play the cello!

Learn more about Rebecca Gordon at  MyPathAstrology.com 


Celestial Art by Jenna Palazzo