Eclipse Thrive Guide

Eclipse Thrive Guide

Aug 21 Solar Eclipse in Leo

With Rebecca Gordon

On August 21, A Solar Eclipse will travel across the USA, so the lights go out in the sign of Leo. Here’s how an eclipse works – astrologically speaking: Our Sun light encodes information. So when our Moon crosses over the path of our Sun in a Solar Eclipse like the one today, everything goes dark for a while – it’s as if radio station of planet earth turns off and the ‘power goes out’ for a moment in time. And never again will we go back to that same original power source of as before. New light-encoded information is being processed during an eclipse.

By the time the Moon travels across and clears the other side of our Sun, a brand new post-eclipse light will begin to shine from our Sun. New beats broadcast from our Suns radio station, as the channel has forever changed. And so, after an Eclipse, this is why we can no longer dance to the same old music anymore, whether it be a job, a thought, a relationship, a home, or a habit. That old power source no longer exists because there has been a sort of power outage and a cosmic upgrade in the heavens.

Lean in to the new challenge that is way outside from your old comfort zone. Trust the Eclipse path and let it work with you. Eclipses are here to help us to evolve.

This one is an invitation to turn off the power in one area of your life, and in fact if you don’t, the cosmic forces may just help pull the rug. The good news is that this is a friendly Eclipse in Leo conjunct the North Node, meaning that you will feel a strong gush of wind behind you pushing you much faster than you could run on your own – as if you are not even the one steering for a while. It angles to Saturn and Uranus in the sky, showing me that the journey will be full of synchronicity and a secure landing is very possible when you make this leap into a bright unknown.



However it will be most important that you stay in your radiant light (despite the fear and shadow self that can also creep up during this time). A good daily practice in Eclipse Season is to imagine that there is an actual sun beaming out from your heart and shining in all directions around you. Also Citrine is a stone ruled by the Sun so wearing it, can also help you to repel the darkness and help you to stay in your light, opening up to your infinite potential. 

This Eclipse will point to where we are in the way of our soul potential by shining a glaring light on the shadows. Because of this stark brightness, things that you need to see will be suddenly exposed and you may be pulled from a deep rut that you did not even realize was a rut to begin with.

Let go and let the Eclipse work its magic. An old version of self will begin to easily fall away as you embrace the new courageous and authentic quality of light that now radiates from your heart. Yeah babe, you got this!


Eclipse – Scopes



Let Go: Draining relationships and social circles that do not make you feel amazing

Dive In: Love, Romance, Fellow fire signs will light up the sky for you


Let Go: An old career objective that you’re not 100% passionate about any longer.

Dive In: New Home, paint colors, essential updates to make your home match your state of mind.


Let Go: An old way of sharing your message. It can be much more fun

Dive In: Writing a book, a blog, learning a new language


Let Go: The money story passed down to you from your parents

Dive In: The ability to hone your craft, know your worth and make a great living doing what you love. Increase.


Let Go: Your story about relationships, an old approach to partnering, archaic expectations

Dive In: Express yourself in a big way, creatively, unapologetically, and be generous.


Let Go: An old routine that simply will not fly any longer for your new lifestyle demands

Dive In: More time for spiritual practice, meditation, baths, quality sleep, and gratitude.


Let Go: Unbalanced love affairs, an old way of not valuing yourself in relationships.

Dive In: A high-vibe community that will love you, and just get you without you having to spell it all out.


Let Go: The old home, way of keeping your home, family contracts and ways of relating

Dive In: Dream Job, follow your true calling, where you find your dignity


Let Go: An agreement or contract that is long overdue. Re-imagine your responsibilities.

Dive In: Broadcasting, Publishing, explore opportunities to share your message.


Let Go: That stable income that you have completely outgrown. There is a brighter future for you.

Dive In: Invest your time, money and energy in a project that truly speaks to you.


Let Go : An outdated self-image. Reimagine yourself as the Eclipse appears in your own sign!

Dive In: A divine union. Whether in love or in business, it is your time to partner and commit this year.


Go: Escapism. Give up a habit or an emotional pattern that is keeping you a little too safe.

Dive In: A new work project and health regimen that has potential to capsize your life in a good way.



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Summer 2014 Arm Yourself Collection

An unforgettable summer calls for unforgettable jewelry that features bright-as-the-sun colors… Which is exactly what we were thinking when we were designing our Summer 2014 Arm Yourself Collection. With blazing hues of green, purple, and pink, (to name a few) you’re sure to make a splash this season!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.33.47 AM

The bracelets feature an infinity loop pendant in either cooling silver or sun soaked gold to remind you of an infinitely and endlessly adventurous summer. These pure silk wraps are reminiscent of all the beauty summer has to offer: the sand between your toes at the beach, lazy naps in the grass, and bright flowers in full bloom. But, we decided to add something a little more meaningful to the collection.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.33.53 AM

This season, the SATYA Foundation will donate a percentage from each sale to the Manjushree Orphanage, which provides care and educational opportunities to children in India.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.33.58 AM

Enjoy the sand and surf, recount the ways the summer sun feels, and sport a piece that looks as good as it feels.

The Zodiac Collection


We were all born at a unique place and time on earth, positioning our origins within the spherical celestial coordinate system known as the zodiac. Derived from the Latin term meaning “circle of animals”, the twelve signs altogether form the basis of astrology: an ancient way of searching for meaning in the sky.  Astrology provides an account of the stars as they influence our personalities and our lives in both subtle and great ways.


With our new Zodiac Collection we wanted to celebrate the essence of the irreplaceable you.  The collection is comprised of twelve circular pendants that are portraits of each lunar birth month.  Outlined and backed by gold-plated brass then engraved with your zodiac sign, each pendant features a black gunmetal face with gold beads that represent a different zodiac constellation of stars for each lunar month.  The overall color scheme of black and gold is powerfully evocative of the dark depths of the sky and the radiant sun that takes center stage. The circular form recalls the universe, as well as the cycles of the celestial bodies in their orbit.


Within each constellation, your brightest star is replaced by the relevant zodiac birthstone. The brightest star is the cornerstone for each month, a point of personal direction and intuitive guidance for an individual’s identity that adds vibrant energy to the great mystery of the dark sky and powerful sun. By adding a touch of texture and color sourced from the earth, the Zodiac Collection is the link between earth, self, and sky.

With the 2014 Zodiac Collection, we encourage you to honor the talents and challenges that define the essence of you. Wear your sign on your chest, close to your heart, and take pride in who you were #DestinedToBe.

Satya’s Timeless Classics Collection


At Satya we understand the meaning of that classic item in your repertoire because it’s the one thing everybody knows you for.  Maybe it’s your hair, your sense of humor, or your undying passion for leopard print.  For us, our Classics Collection synergizes a hallmark combination of genuine stones, iconic styles, and powerful symbols that are all expressive and captivatingly simple.  It’s these elements of our collection that have been a resource of inspiration and a platform for reinvention.  The new year is proving to be a time of growth and positive change for us, so we wanted to translate this positivity in the re-edition of our Classics Collection.  By updating some tried-and-true designs and adding new ones, we have been able to keep the very essence of our brand while still delivering a fresh new spin on things.



The updated Classics Collection also features the greatest diversity of stones.  We called upon the energetic influence the earth brings to us through her highly refined materials in beautiful colors, clarity, and translucence.  From Black Onyx, Carnelian and Turquoise to the pure vibrancy of Green Agate and Peridot to the otherworldliness of Moonstone, Aquamarine, Citrine, Chaledon, Smokey Topaz and Amethyst the combination of stones underscore the Classics Collection and perfectly complements the various symbols at play, connecting us to greater meaning and higher inspiration.

Gemstone Set


Unlike other seasonal collections that have a clear design narrative, the re-edition of the Classics Collection is unified by an enduring expression of what sets Satya Jewelry apart: an elemental approach to design that accesses the powerful, energetic influence of symbols and stones through an overarching theme of feminine elegance.  The Classics Collection is the perfect place to play, explore, and bypass the conscious mind.  Keeping it simple and classic, the Classics Collection is a whisper that echoes throughout every Satya Jewelry creation.


Satya’s Tree of Life Earth Spring Collection

cover Alright everyone, the time has come…we are so incredibly excited to launch our brand new Spring 2014 Tree of Life Earth Collection!

Inspired by the elements and the remarkable effect they have on us, this season’s collection expresses nature’s inner beauty and ever-evolving character.  Nature is wild, breathtaking, subtle and resilient, and we call into play every aspect of these expressions to form the perfect design and piece.


You will notice that the Spring Collection is highlighting one emblem in particular: the tree.  The graceful branches yield to the wind and reach infinitely, but they are always deeply rooted.  Incorporating verdant green, earthy tones and delicate styles, this collection embodies the freshness of the world’s trees, the earth, and the vast wisdom and nurture that she provides us.

collage3Focus on the sense of center, grounding, balance and strength when you wear our new collection.  Celebrate new life, respect your instincts, and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding our lives.


Let nature inspire you. Let us inspire you!


The Satya Team