Celestial Musings: New Goddess Moon

With the advent of March, Satya Jewelry launches The Goddess Moon Collection, an homage to the infinite power of the moon and its innate connection to the divine feminine.

PhasesOFTheMoon_EmailMobile_2.jpgDrawing upon the phases of the moon to guide our journey and influence our lives, the collection showcases Her evolution from a delicate crescent slicing through the inky night sky to beauty in its entirety, Her face illuminating our journey to truth.


Pendant necklaces in gleaming 18k gold plate and silver are accented with dreamy moonstone—gemstone of intuition, passion and good fortune—and hand-engraved moons in its myriad phases. Choker necklaces and complementary bracelets flutter with moon charms; bar necklaces with celestial designs are ideal for layering.


Mystic labradorite and grey agate accents throughout the collection lend a luminescent aesthetic, capturing the ethereal energy of the moon as She governs the tides and encourages our own expansion.


New earrings and an eye-catching ring speak to the power of the feminine, a wearable reminder of our sacred power. In Her quiet transformation, the moon reveals her eternal wisdom; in trusting our own evolution, our highest self emerges.