Durga: The Fearless Goddess

Durga is known as “the invincible one”, and she represents the true source of power within each of us. Her eight arms each carry a different weapon for helping us to overcome doubt, duality and ego. Sometimes we need a peaceful conch or lotus, and sometimes we need the fierceness of a sword to cut through- depending on the situation! She is a symbol of our ability to blossom into our true essence, which is pure light and love. Wearing her is a powerful reminder of your own infinite strength to rise up, overcome difficulties and create what you want while rooted in truth and love.

Patiala-compressed.jpgEver since Kimberly Snyder went to the Durga temple in Varanasi, India, she was drawn to Durga. “She is a total badass, female empowerment embodied, riding on a tiger or a lion that represents power, will and determination.” Here are some of Kimberly’s favorite of Durga’s eight weapons:

  • The thunderbolt signifies firmness in one’s convictions. Durga reminds us to go forward with confidence in our endeavors, and to believe in ourselves.
  • The lotus means “born of mud,” reminding us to stay true in our spiritual quest and staying anchored in light and love amid the mud of worldly problems and distractions.
  • The sword symbolizes knowledge, to cut through duality and delusion and keep on the rightful path.
durga statue and bracelets



Fearless Love Durga Necklace


Divine Light Amethyst Mala

A selection of 9 pieces that focuses on Durga—Hindu goddess, warrior for peace and remover of fear—The Fearless Goddess Collection co designed by Satya Jewelry & Kimberly Snyder, inspires us to step into her our power so we can emit her light and love out into the Universe. Utilizing pink tourmaline, stone of charity, peace and abundance, and pink quartz, known for its connection to unconditional love and compassion, each covetable piece can be worn alone or layered for a more personalized experience.

Amethyst, symbol of spirituality, prosperity and peace, creates a mala—or ancient prayer necklace—and complementary bracelet ideal for using in meditation. Pendant necklaces play upon different interpretations of “light” while evoking Universal love; stretch bracelets with bezeled stones offer protection to their wearer while encouraging an open heart. Gleaming 18k gold plated Durga accents throughout the collection represent the divine power and strength of the feminine.


We hope this collection inspires your inner fearless goddess so you can step into your power and manifest your dreams. Believe in yourself. We believe in you.

With love and light,

Satya & Kimberly

Satya Jewelry And Kimberly Snyder's The Fearless Goddess Collection