Justin Reilley, The Tattooed Yogi


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Father’s Day is a day to honor a father figure that has protected us, loved us, and helped us become who we are and all we hope to be. This month, Satya Jewelry is taking the time to speak to those whom embody the essence of the Satya man with love, courage, and inspiration. Today, we sat down with Justin Reilley, a noted yogi, father, and down right cool guy to chat with. Some of you might know him as The Tattooed Yogi on Instagram, where he inspires more than 27 thousand followers with his amazing yoga skills. Headstand, anyone?

Satya Jewelry: What made you start your yoga practice?
Justin Reilley: I originally started practicing yoga because I was super stressed out after my kids were born. I was looking for something that would help me move my body but really help me find some calm.

SJ: What are the best things about fatherhood?
JR: The best thing about fatherhood to me is all the lessons it teaches me. It’s taught me to put my family first and really has shown me what’s truly important in life. But one of the best things about it is just being a dad really! I love it! I love every part of it.

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SJ: What do you hope to accomplish with your yoga practice?
JR: The main goal of my yoga practice is to connect with that part of me that’s deeply spiritual. I find when I connect with that I cultivate so many positive feelings like love, compassion, devotion, understanding and selflessness.

SJ: Who have been the most influential people in your life that lead you to the most growth?
JR: My family has helped me grow more than any one person. My wife is amazing, supportive, and keeps me grounded. My kids inspire me, make me grateful for every minute and have opened my heart to a love I never knew existed. On a yogic level I’ve been inspired by a few teachers but none more than Raghunath (Ray Cappo). He teaches in the New York area. He absolutely changed my life with his teachings and gave me spiritual strength I didn’t know I had. He’s a family man, deeply spiritual and a successful yoga teacher so he’s a great role model for me and always gives me the best advice. I’m so grateful for meeting him.

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SJ: If you could travel to any international country, where would you go and why?
JR: If I could travel to any country it would definitely be Ireland. One reason is I’d like to trace my family’s roots back to our hometown but also because I think it’d be amazing to just soak in that lush green landscape while having a nice glass of whiskey! One day!

For more information on Justin and his practice, visit his website HERE