The Gem of June: Pearl


Happy Birthday to all those born in June! Your birthstone is the pearl, which signifies purity, innocence, beauty, and foresight.


Known as the “Queen of Gems”, Pearls are the oldest known gems. For centuries, they were considered the most valuable stone because of their magical quality to channel both the glow of the moon and the iridescence of a rainbow. Throughout time, pearls have been a symbol of flawless perfection and they were often indicative of someone high in authority or royalty. In ancient Rome, pearls were only acquired by the utmost wealthy and aristocratic. And later in Europe, the gems were banned from anyone but the nobility because of their extraordinary worth.June_Blog2

In present day, the Pearls call to mind a sense of foresight and good fortune by way of their immaculate form and coloring. To the wearer, the stone evokes a sense of elegance, and beauty in a way not attributed to other gems. This summer let your inner goddess glow with Satya Jewelry’s pearl pieces: HERE