Sign of the Twins: Gemini

Original, headstrong, and optimistic, Gemini makes a great leader. Gemini finds that freedom and independence are imperative for their wellbeing and growth. But don’t worry! You are great at making friends and you leave your mark on everyone you meet. With a dazzling personality, Gemini is great at leading people and forming positive impacts on others.


With your element being air, you are equally as light as you float along different experiences, interactions, and environments. A Gemini can’t be bogged down because they are as free as the wind. One of Gemini’s best traits is that they easily adapt to their surroundings which makes them the perfect partner for an adventure! Do making trips across the world, learning new languages, and experiencing different cultures sound like you? It must also be because your birthstone is the Pearl and just like your stone, you’re as cultured as they come.



Your twin stars in the sky, Castor and Pollux, are mortal and divine which mirrors your mix of earthy curiosity and heavenly inspiration. Despite these twin stars, you are set on your ways on being completely original.  Because of a their trailblazing ways, it can difficult to control a Gemini. But why hold back when you were born to stand out! In order to fulfill your life’s pursuit, which is to explore a little bit of everything, being a pioneer and free spirit is all you need!

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