The Summer 2014 Serenity Water Collection

After such a long and arduous winter full of cozy sweaters, warm fires, and yes, lots of snow, we are ready for some sun, sand, and crystal blue waters. In a way, summer is when we get to break free from the reserves of the other seasons. It’s a time to play, a time for exploration, and a time for us to feel energized for the first time all year.

This season, Satya Jewelry is highlighting the ever-changing element of water in honor of the vivaciousness and calmness that summer brings. Two everlasting symbols take on a whole new meaning in this collection: the infinity loop, and the wave. The icons echo the symbolism behind the returning cycles of the tides and the adaptable nature of water from its gentle flutters to its commanding surges of power.


Every piece in the collection is fluid and continuous. Throughout the series, every piece possesses a sense of fluidity and continuity from the gentle curves of the infinity symbols and rolling waves, to the faceted curves of the gemstone raindrops. The infinity symbol and wave motifs are seamless representations of continuity as there is no definite beginning or end. I all of the pieces, a line carries into another or a curve feeds back into itself. The intention of these design elements is to lend a sense of perspective, wisdom and poetry to the pieces.

Despite the even fluidity and continuity, the collection takes on a sense of asymmetry and energy like the unexpected movement of the tides. Not a single piece, when divided through the center, is a mirror image of the other side, including the geometrical forms of the bangles by way of the wave motifs within them. When this asymmetry is combined with the thirst-quenching hues of Blue Agate, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Fluorite, and Chalcedony it adds a sense of energetic innocence, freshness, and modernity to the pieces.


Summer is finally here and amidst the play, exploration, and activity be sure to seek coolness and calm. Emotions will run high, but remember that water is essentially the universe’s emotional nerve center – from the depths of the sea, to surface crests from inner consciousness, to tears of joy. Explore the shades of the sea, its infinite varieties of blue, and its sparkling fluidity splash across the Summer 2014 Serenity Water Collection.