The Gem of May: Emerald

Happy Birthday to those born in May! Your birthstone is Emerald. Emeralds restore faith and hope as well as promoting creativity and wisdom. The stone is also directly connected to love and the heart.


The stone is known to have properties that improve intuition and as a result, emeralds increase the wearer’s perception. In Greek and Roman legend, the Emerald was associated with the spring forms of the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, who also ruled love and beauty. It was believed that the stone protected lovers from unfaithfulness. When the stone was a glowing and vibrant green hue, it meant that their love’s heart was true, but when the stone turned to a different lackluster color, it meant their love’s heart was no longer faithful.


In present day, the Emerald calls to mind the lushness of Mother Nature and the season in which May falls: Spring! To the wearer, the stone evokes a sense of creativity, wisdom, love, and abundance. This spring, embrace the love and lushness life has to offer with our Emerald pieces: