Sign of the Bull: Taurus

Sensual, sensible, and grounded, Taurus is the perfect combination of grace and edge. Taureans can be just as much attracted to the finer things as they are with a feisty spar. As an earth sign, Taureans are not afraid to become one with nature and to get their hands a little dirty. However, with Venus as their ruling planet, they are equally as courteous, charming, and loving.

Taureans prefer to dwell in harmonious environments, despite their tendencies to be a bit fastidious. Given that, Taureans surround themselves with items of luxury that represent sublime elegance and sensuality. But because you, Taurus are also sensible, there’s a good chance you find the finer things for an even finer price. Do candle lit bubble baths, fine wines, and beautiful designer evening gowns sound like you? It must also be because your zodiac birthstone is the Emerald, which represents love and lushness.


Taureans are extremely family oriented and therefore would sacrifice (almost to a fault) many things in order for their family’s well being. Often playing the role of the savior in the family, they place a lot of unnecessary burden on themselves, making their work ethic and steadfastness as strong as their zodiac animal: the bull.

Don’t get too worked up though, Taurus! In order to fulfill your life’s pursuit, which is to have emotional and financial security, you have to have an outlet for your strong voice and emotions. Maybe an interest in writing, art, or creating is in your stars!



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