Satya In Spain

Satya Jewelry is a brand inspired by cultures around the world and it is always such an amazing opportunity when we get to travel and become part of our surroundings. Our recent trip to Spain for the unveiling of our collection at El Corte Ingles, Spain’s top department store, has been one of our favorite travel experiences because we simply have never been part of anything like it before.


The day started with a beautiful breakfast reception at 47 Serrano, El Corte Ingles’ new restaurant, with 60 of the most influential fashion bloggers in Spain. After eating, telling jokes, and talking fashion (a few of our favorite things) we moved on to interviews with Marie Claire, TVE (Spain’s top fashion television network), Moda Mujer, and a few others. Before we knew it, it was time for the lunch reception but this time, it was a meal that was a little more intimate…


As we approached the table, there were place cards with the names of editors from the most prestigious fashion publications in the world. Naturally, our inner selves did a little dance: how could we not be excited? We were sitting next to the editors in chief of publications like Spain’s Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Es Moda, Cosmo, and Marie Claire. Through our conversations, we were blown away by how elegant, worldly and well versed in the brand they all were. What an inspiration!

After our meal, we could not help but explore the venue, which was surrounded by mini atriums that featured our pieces. Portraits of the beautiful and ethereal Regitze Christensen, photographed by Gorka Postigo, surrounded the terrace. Javier Escobar from Spain’s Buque Studio organized the event and his first interaction with our pieces sparked his inspiration. He explained how the pure, free spirited, and precious Bohemian feel ruminated in his mind, and it was all brought to life in the earthy atriums, which felt like their own worlds.


Now that we are back in Manhattan, we can’t wait to keep creating all of our inspiring jewelry.