The Zodiac Collection


We were all born at a unique place and time on earth, positioning our origins within the spherical celestial coordinate system known as the zodiac. Derived from the Latin term meaning “circle of animals”, the twelve signs altogether form the basis of astrology: an ancient way of searching for meaning in the sky.  Astrology provides an account of the stars as they influence our personalities and our lives in both subtle and great ways.


With our new Zodiac Collection we wanted to celebrate the essence of the irreplaceable you.  The collection is comprised of twelve circular pendants that are portraits of each lunar birth month.  Outlined and backed by gold-plated brass then engraved with your zodiac sign, each pendant features a black gunmetal face with gold beads that represent a different zodiac constellation of stars for each lunar month.  The overall color scheme of black and gold is powerfully evocative of the dark depths of the sky and the radiant sun that takes center stage. The circular form recalls the universe, as well as the cycles of the celestial bodies in their orbit.


Within each constellation, your brightest star is replaced by the relevant zodiac birthstone. The brightest star is the cornerstone for each month, a point of personal direction and intuitive guidance for an individual’s identity that adds vibrant energy to the great mystery of the dark sky and powerful sun. By adding a touch of texture and color sourced from the earth, the Zodiac Collection is the link between earth, self, and sky.

With the 2014 Zodiac Collection, we encourage you to honor the talents and challenges that define the essence of you. Wear your sign on your chest, close to your heart, and take pride in who you were #DestinedToBe.