Satya’s Timeless Classics Collection


At Satya we understand the meaning of that classic item in your repertoire because it’s the one thing everybody knows you for.  Maybe it’s your hair, your sense of humor, or your undying passion for leopard print.  For us, our Classics Collection synergizes a hallmark combination of genuine stones, iconic styles, and powerful symbols that are all expressive and captivatingly simple.  It’s these elements of our collection that have been a resource of inspiration and a platform for reinvention.  The new year is proving to be a time of growth and positive change for us, so we wanted to translate this positivity in the re-edition of our Classics Collection.  By updating some tried-and-true designs and adding new ones, we have been able to keep the very essence of our brand while still delivering a fresh new spin on things.



The updated Classics Collection also features the greatest diversity of stones.  We called upon the energetic influence the earth brings to us through her highly refined materials in beautiful colors, clarity, and translucence.  From Black Onyx, Carnelian and Turquoise to the pure vibrancy of Green Agate and Peridot to the otherworldliness of Moonstone, Aquamarine, Citrine, Chaledon, Smokey Topaz and Amethyst the combination of stones underscore the Classics Collection and perfectly complements the various symbols at play, connecting us to greater meaning and higher inspiration.

Gemstone Set


Unlike other seasonal collections that have a clear design narrative, the re-edition of the Classics Collection is unified by an enduring expression of what sets Satya Jewelry apart: an elemental approach to design that accesses the powerful, energetic influence of symbols and stones through an overarching theme of feminine elegance.  The Classics Collection is the perfect place to play, explore, and bypass the conscious mind.  Keeping it simple and classic, the Classics Collection is a whisper that echoes throughout every Satya Jewelry creation.