Satya’s Tree of Life Earth Spring Collection

cover Alright everyone, the time has come…we are so incredibly excited to launch our brand new Spring 2014 Tree of Life Earth Collection!

Inspired by the elements and the remarkable effect they have on us, this season’s collection expresses nature’s inner beauty and ever-evolving character.  Nature is wild, breathtaking, subtle and resilient, and we call into play every aspect of these expressions to form the perfect design and piece.


You will notice that the Spring Collection is highlighting one emblem in particular: the tree.  The graceful branches yield to the wind and reach infinitely, but they are always deeply rooted.  Incorporating verdant green, earthy tones and delicate styles, this collection embodies the freshness of the world’s trees, the earth, and the vast wisdom and nurture that she provides us.

collage3Focus on the sense of center, grounding, balance and strength when you wear our new collection.  Celebrate new life, respect your instincts, and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding our lives.


Let nature inspire you. Let us inspire you!


The Satya Team