The Gem of January: Garnet

coverThe Gem of January is awarded to this month’s striking birthstone – the garnet!  Myths and legends place the spiritual stone as a talisman for some of the most ancient cultures, including the Mayans and Egyptians.


The jewel was often prized due to its beautiful appearance and physical nature, but also because of its incredible healing powers.  The energy the garnet holds is said to be so powerful that it positively influences the body and mind, and in turn provides remarkable curative powers.  The stone is long believed to cure lung disease, heart palpitations, and blood disorders, among several other maladies.  The garnet is said to have the power to detoxify the body and mind and restore balance.


Alongside the belief that the garnet provides physical remedial benefits, it is also used as a resource for those battling depression.  The powers it holds are said to dissolve negative behavioral patters and repress damaging thoughts.  By keeping the sadness at a minimum, the garnet promotes confidence and self-growth.


As the month of new beginnings continues, we offer you our knowledge of the garnet.  Allow yourself some more balance and support, and let us help!


The Satya Team