The Lotus

The New Year means new beginnings, which is why our symbol of the month is none other than the lotus flower!  Having been a symbol to the ancient Egyptians, Buddhists and Hindus, the beautiful flower conveys a plethora of meanings and carries a magnitude of significance.


The lotus grows in muddy water, and quite literally rises out of the murk to bloom for only a brief period of time.  It is said to be an exquisite sight to see and brings with it fortune and enlightenment.  Various colored flowers represent varying means of achievement, but all of them bring with it a new beginning.

Sometimes we need a reminder that we have the ability to set upon a new path.  With the start of a new year barely behind us, begin fresh and unencumbered with the lotus in mind.  Climb through the darkness and find your enlightenment; start on a new journey and learn from its happenings.  Grant yourself the opportunity to discover new challenges, new perspectives, and new beginnings.  Let the lotus guide you.

Let us join you on your discovery and share your stories with us along the way!  We hope we can be a part of it.

Discover our Lotus pieces here and start your year shining:


The Satya Team