The Perfect Gift for Your Man

MainImageI don’t know about you, but shopping for men is always the hardest part of my holiday gift prep. I mean, come on – there are only so many ties I can give!  So for this upcoming holiday, give the men in your life something meaningful, and something that’s not a tie (or a pair of socks, or boxers).

Look no further with Satya’s Men’s Collection.  Not only are there several different pieces, almost all of them are under $100!  Symbolic rings, necklaces and bracelets give your man the opportunity to bring with him the power of positivity and protection.


Our colorfully beaded bracelets and long silver necklaces will add inspiration to any outfit.  Need something smaller? Our rings are the perfect fit. Featuring the Hamsa or the Ganesha and crafted with sterling silver, they compliment any man on any occasion.  The simplicity of the design and the smooth silver band make it the best accessory.

Each piece carries a masculine edge that empowers and inspires the wearer, making these pieces suitable for any type of man.  Fear not – let us help you with all of your gifting needs!