Natural Beauty Brands We Love

PRATIMApratima pearl cream

We’re a big fan of PRATIMA’s Ayurvedic line of skincare, made using 100% herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, plants and minerals from the earth – and formulated by Dr. Pratima Raichur, an expert chemist, botanist and Ayurvedic physician.

For these overheated winter days, their Rejuvenating Pearl Cream incorporates pearl shell works wonders. Crushed pearl shells work to nourish tissue and soothe the skin, and also gives you a celestial radiance. As featured in Elle and Self.


mbeze deodoretteOne of MBEZE’s most-popular products, the unassuming little Deodorette makes us particularly thankful – especially on those mornings that you somehow forget to put on deodorant or when you’re dancing up a storm and want to make sure that you smell like Cucumber, Jasmine and Mint Tea rather than eau de dance floor. With eight different scents, there’s an option for everyone (and unscented for those of you who are sensitive to perfume. And of course it’s made with all natural and organic ingredients. Good for you, good for the environment and good for the noses of the people who you are close with!

MBEZE founder Mary Beth Worzella hit upon the Deodorette idea after years spent wishing she had a deodorant small enough to carry on the go, and that incorporated natural ingredients. MBEZE has since expanded to other natural beauty products including a much-loved complexion oil, body mist and other cosmetics.

Lotus Love Beauty
Lotus Love Beauty Soaps

A 100% vegan line of bath salts, soaps, body oils, lotions and candles, Lotus Love Beauty is created by combining Ayurvedic principles, aromatherapy and yogic philosophies.

Their product line is themed by collections: Pritti, representing love is made of jasmine and rose; Shakti, representing energy, uses verbena and coconut; Surya, representing sunrise is made with hibiscus and marigold; Moksha, representing liberation is made with sandalwood and incense, and Ananda, representing bliss, is made from citrus and saffron.

Start your new year out right with elements of the Moksha collection for a liberating 2014. We’re fans of their Beauty Bars, which are 100% vegan and never tested on animals.

Nama yoga mat sanitizer
Hate those yoga mat sanitizing sprays, but don’t know else to do with your not-so-nice mat? Enter NAMA, a line of personal care products to support and enhance the practice of yoga and to fit a yoga-inspired lifestyle. NAMA’s Hand & Mat Sanitizer is paraben free, like all of NAMA’s products, and comes in two handy sizes. A simple combo of alcohol, essential oils, aloe and green tea extracts combine to kill 99% of germs.

Two principles drive the NAMA line of products: their products “harness the goodness of the natural world”, leveraging ingredients ranging from aloe to litchi to galanga root, and are “guided by namaste”, which for NAMA means openness, honesty and authenticity in what their products say they do.

Best of all: through December 20th, for every purchase of $100 on our website, you’ll be able to select a product from MBEZE, PRATIMA, Lotus Love Beauty and Nama in our holiday gift suite!