De-Stress With Yoga This Holiday Season

malaHolidays are a time to spend with friends and family, reflecting on the lovely blessings life has to offer – but let’s face it, they can be stressful too!  Whether it be tons of family members to cook for, houses to clean, or children running around, sometimes we just need some time to decompress and clear our minds.

At Satya Jewelry, we strongly believe in the clarity and positivity yoga has to offer.  Besides being the perfect way to ground yourself during the holiday craze, yoga has innumerable advantages.

Reason 1: Stress Reducer

By focusing on the moment at hand, yoga soothes the mind and forces you into the present.  Distractions and stressors are pushed aside, lowering anxiety and granting you relief.

Reason 2:  Attentiveness & Clarity

Strongly due to the breathing exercises involved in yoga, awareness and concentration abilities intensify.  You will find yourself being able to focus on projects for longer periods of time. Prioritizing becomes easier, and you have a greater ability to view things from a more logical standpoint.

Reason 4: Sleep

Life (and the holiday rush!) can be pretty hectic, so sleep may be hard to come by – but setting aside time for yoga can remedy this.  Your muscles relax and your mind becomes less muddled, making sleep easier and more welcoming.

Reason 5: Physical Benefits

The physical benefits that accompany yoga are innumerable.  Posture improves, blood circulation improves, and respiratory functions stabilize.  You will find yourself getting fewer colds and an overall immunity boost – which will be handy during this cold winter!

Reason 6: Mind and Body Connection

Despite the various types of yoga, they all have one thing in common: creating a stronger mind to body relationship.  Yoga is all about increasing internal communication, and in turn, you become more aware of yourself.  Being in tune with your body’s requirements and attaining greater mental stability is a wonderful thing – now you can give you what you need, and be more relaxed doing it!

Dedicate an hour (or even thirty minutes) of your day to peaceful reflection – we promise you will see the difference!