Event: Mala & Meditation Workshop

The mala is a traditional garland of of 108 prayer beads. Each bead represents a truth, and meditating on each bead with affirmations or mantras brings peace of mind. A tool of yogis and yoginis for centuries, the mala can be kept with you at all times as a reminder of the light and wisdom present within.

Malas form an integral part of the Satya Jewelry collection, and each year Satya co-founder Satya Scainetti hosts a Mala & Meditation Workshop at Golden Bridge Yoga in Manhattan. Thanks to all those who attended and who learned how to make their own mala directly from Satya, and ended the day with a unique and personal mala. For those who missed the event, browse our selection of hand-knotted malas beads and necklaces at Satya.

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