The Book of Symbols: Hamsa

hamsa symbolThe hamsa symbol depicting an inverted right hand with an open eye in the middle gets its name from the Arabic word for ‘five’. Many different cultures and background have adopted this symbol believing that the hamsa offers

Early origins of the hamsa come from the Buddha’s mudra, (there are many mudras, which all offer teaching and protection.) It is sometimes referred to as the hand of Fatima, in honor of Fatima Zahra, who is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. However the hamsa specifically is supposed to ward against the evil eye. The evil eye is used to mean jealousy or enviousness from others. But the realm of what the hamsa protects often extends beyond just the evil eye. To many it represents power, strength, blessings and brings good luck.

The distinctive shape is given different representation in different cultures. In Islam, the number five is connected to the open hand, but also connects to the five senses, the five pillars of Islam, and five daily prayers. In Kabbalistic manuscripts, the hamsa takes on meaning as the Hebrew letter ‘shin’, and also can be used for protection against negative energies. Hamsa is also the national symbol for Algeria – it appears in its emblem.

Many people use the hamsa symbol to adorn their homes, feeling that the symbol will offer protection. It’s most common use is still in amulets and bracelets, so that you can ward off negative energy. After all, with so much negative energy, jealousy and envy who doesn’t need a little protection?

Like many of the symbols that have meaning for us, Satya Jewelry uses hamsa in different ways drawing on the protection from the hamsa and also from the healing properties of henna. We’ve selected a few pieces from our hamsa jewelry collection that will really give you the feeling of protection you like and the style you’ll love.

Ready to embrace the strength and good luck that hamsa represents? (And who couldn’t use a little bit of extra luck?)  Add a bit of the hamsa symbol into your signature style? Our simple 18k gold hamsa necklace works at the office or while your running errands.

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