Unlocking your Imagination with Sophrosune Wellness

Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life, says that our imagination lives with our intuition in the third eye; I can’t help but think it must also  dwell in the place of enlightenment, the crown chakra, found at the top of the head.

It’s that in our third eye space we come to be able to visualize all that we want–or  in other words, use our imagination. But it is only through having an open mind and an open heart that we are able to allow our creative juices to flow with clarity, non judgement and passion. When we deprive ourselves of letting our imagination run wild we are sending a message to the universe that we are unworthy, that the best things we can imagine for ourselves are out of reach. Who told you that?! They we’re wrong! In imagination is fun, freedom and curiosity-three ingredients for a joyful and peaceful life.

Imagination too lives in our second chakra–the place of creativity and abundance. By sinking into the hips and letting them open deeply while concentrating on the place of enlightenment and sight (the crown and third eye, respectively) we will be able to see exactly what it is we want, without limits or boundaries.  Our brilliant imaginations, full of splendor excitement and wonder, will propel us to the newest phase of our lives, supported firmly by the work we’ve done in unlocking our potential and our intuition.

Often we keep ourselves from allowing our daydreams to sweep us away! But why?! Cultivating the imagination is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, because without the permission to dream, we have no permission to create.

I have designed an “Unlock your Imagination” asana sequence to allow these three vital energy centers (crown, third eye, and 2nd chakra) to open up and expand so that the unbridled beauty, magic and freedom of summer can  stay with you as you wind your way through the coming seasons. Finding your mat from a place of non-judgement and patience will empower you to  know that you can have anything, in the whole universe, that you can imagine.

 To manifest we must first imagine.

As  you do the following practice, imagine not only inhaling the most beautiful vibrant, iridescent incandescent glowing vibrant indigo light you have ever had the pleasure to witness, but become the light–see that you are the light, and flow.


Unlocking your Imagination Asana Sequence

Child’s Pose: allow your third eye (the space in between the eyebrows) to be pressed into the mat; and begin to massage and awaken it by gently rolling the head from side to side.  Welcome in the practice and non-judgement, and begin to breath the vibrant indigo light; 3-5 breaths

 Slowly roll up; head is the last thing to lift

Hands in prayer to the third eye; continue to focus and inhale the brilliant indigo light;3-5 breaths

Bring the heel of each hand to the top of the respective ear, allow the middle fingers to meet each other in the middle of the head–this is the crown of your head

Come to stand on your knees, and then allowing the body to go where it may, bring the crown of the head down to the mat.  Arms at your sides.  If you have a headstand in your practice take it now.  Stay for 3-8 breaths depending on your practice; do not over do it!

Come to all 4’s-table top position

Exhale downward facing dog

Inhale the right leg up, toes toward the ceiling; bend the knee and let the hip begin to open

Easily and gently exhale the right sole of foot in between the hands; allow the left toes to uncurl so that they are pressed to the mat

Crescent Lunge: Stack your torso above your hips, bring your hands to your thigh or above the head and back in prayer and breath. 3-5 breaths

Release the hands down and step back into downward dog

Crescent Lunge:  left side

Release the hands and step back into downward dog

Inhale, look up, and hop step or walk to the top of your mat and hang heavy

Slowly roll up; head is the last thing to lift, roll your shoulders back and down

Inhale your arms up along your sides and bring your hands in prayer to the third eye; remember to inhale the indigo light! To become the light!

Exhale bring the hands down to the mat and step back into downward dog

Lizard: Inhale the right leg up; exhale step the sole of the foot in between the hands; keep the back toes curled under and bring both hands to the inside of the right foot; rock forward and back until you’re able to uncurl the back toes and bring the forearms to the mat; if this is too much find a sturdy place with your toes curled under; 3-5 breaths

Exhale into down dog

Lizard: Left Side

Exhale into down dog

Inhale look up; hop step or walk to the top of your mat; slowly roll up head is the last thing to lift

Toes touch, hands in prayer above the head and dip into a back bend; body goes where the eyes go!! keep them open!!

Exhale hands in prayer to the third eye; inhale your indigo! become your indigo!

Roll slowly down, hands come to the mat

Exhale into down dog; gently come to the knees; child’s pose

Massage your third eye point again; always imagining, seeing, feeling that you are indigo light.

Slowly roll up; head is the last thing to lift

Come to all fours; table top position

Find the crown of your head and again bring it to the mat or take a headstand; 3-8 breaths depending on your practice

Gently release and find child’s pose; 3-5 breaths

Slowly roll up; head is last to lift; hands in prayer to third eye and then to the heart. Breathe!!

Reclined Goddess: Come to sit on your seat and lay down; allow the soles of your feet to touch so that your legs are in a diamond shape on the mat; stay here for 10 breaths; each inhale bringing your more and more indigo light; filling your hips, heart, third eye, and head with vibrant ethereal light.

Hug your knees into your chest, and rock from side to side

Happy Baby: Bend your knees; soles of feet facing the ceiling; with your shoulders down hold onto the back of your thighs, calves or the soles of your feet; rock from side to side; as long as feels good

Hug your knees to your chest

Savasana-3-5 minutes

Roll to your right side, and press yourself up into a meditation seat (Indian style or on your knees; or on the edge of a chair with soles of feet firmly on the floor; you must have a straight spine!)

Bring your hands in prayer to your third eye, your heart, or palms down on your knees

Take at least 3 minutes, or as long as you’d like, to allow your imagination to take you exactly where it wants to!! Get out your manifestation journal and write it all down!! Know that to manifest it, we must first imagine it, and let your inner guide take you on a wild ride. Notice if the mind tries to tell you it’s impossible, and then continue to move forward.

You a vibrant, you are brilliant, you are limitless.

See it, believe it, become it.

Namaste beautiful one!

diana scime-sayegh

yoga teacher, RYT

co-founder, sophrosune wellness