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Satya was recently interviewed by and they had a great conversation!  See the answers below.

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OO: What roles does yoga play in your everyday life?

S: Yoga is my life. Yoga is yoke the mind body and spirit.  I try to be mindful of all three parts of me and balance them as best I can.

OO: What is your favorite piece from your collection? 

S: The Tassel Mala or prayer beads. They are a great layering piece and look beautiful with almost anything you wear.  I also use the mala as a metaphor for life. Each stone, each knot is like the challenges and triumphs in life.  You have to go through them to get to where you are going.  It reminds me of my ability to get through most anything in life and sometime the biggest challenges I can learn the most from. The mala can be used for meditation to manifest what you desire but I love it most because it is beautiful.

OO: You are a businesswoman, wife, mother, avid yoga practitioner and traveler. How do you balance so many spinning plates? Do you believe that women can really have it all?

S: I do believe we can have it all but we cannot do it alone.  The way I balance my very busy life is I surround myself with a great staff, family, great friends, family and lots of help.  The statement it takes a village has been my mantra the past 10 years.  I think we are raised in this country to think we have to be independent to be successful.  I think it is the root to a lot of suffering, especially for young children and adults. We need each other and if we can all admit it and reach out to others for help, we can have it all……

Ps. remember to have fun enjoy and laugh!!!!

OO: What advice would you give to someone who is just as busy but unclear about their daily intention? 

S: I always start out my day with gratitude. My children and I wake up together and we each say something we are grateful for that day.  It sets the intention for the day.   From there I always work from my heart and check out my intention for each task. If it comes from your heart I believe the universe will carry you and things flow easily.

OO: Your latest collection is the Serpent collection. What is the significance of the serpent to you?

S: First I think it is sexy!  The spiritual symbol for me is the energy it represents.  That we all have this energy that can be or is unlocked and from there everything is possible.  The kundalini energy is like a snake inside ourselves that can be unlocked with yoga and meditation and it is said to it can bring you to your truest potential.

OO: Satya Jewelry donates a percentage of sales to children’s organizations through the Satya Foundation, which provides monetary assistance and opportunities to children all over the world. What experience encouraged you to create this foundation? 

S: My background is in social work and I have worked with many non profits that struggled with carrying out the mission or intention because of lack of funding.  When we started the company over 10 years ago our intention was to make sure the money went right to the children.  We have been so fortunate to align ourselves with amazing grass root visionaries who are in line with what we believe.  We focus on education and helping children be all that they can be.

OO: Economically, it has been a few tough years for everyone. How do you stay calm and motivated in difficult times? 

S: I believe in what we do.  I love our company and feel honored to do what we do in the world. I am more determined than ever to keep it going

New York-related questions

 OO: Owning and running a business based in the city that never sleeps, how do you relax and where do you go to recharge? 

S: I go to the beach in the summer.  Find a retreat if possible take a trip to India every year and most every day I get on my yoga matt

OO: How does your jewelry line separate itself from the rest? 

S: I believe we are the pioneers in spiritual jewelry. When we started no one else was doing what we do.  I think we are unique in design and finish. It is all original and handmade.  We are designed for the journey.

OO: What is your favorite place to go in New York? 

S: I love the High Line.  Its both urban and nature at its best

OO: What is your favorite restaurant?

S: Wild Ginger in Soho on Broome street.

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OO: Do you have favorite yoga studio? 

S: Golden Bridge

OO: Where is your favorite place to travel? Why?

SS: India.  As a designer of spiritual jewelry there is no better place.  It also reminds me of how privileged and fortunate I am to live in the United states and inspires me to do more for the world.