Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Imagination

How to Unlock Your Imagination

By Lindsay Mack


Have you ever wanted desperately to make a change in your life, but felt a little fearful and completely unsure of what direction to go in?

On the other side, have you ever experienced a time where you felt so clear and grounded that you were able to make a huge decision really easily and with no fear?

These situations are both ruled by our minds. But one is a result of a fear based imagination scenario, and one is the result of a totally unlocked and free imagination. Guess which one is which?

An unlocked imagination is the compass that always points us toward our true path. True imagination is where our wildest dreams for ourselves and our lives are born. It is the springboard from which we manifest all that we want to attain. And the mother of imagination?


Clarity is the key to living the life of our dreams.

Getting clear on who you are, where you are going, how you are going to get there, and why you want to get there is tantamount to allowing our dreams and imagination to take flight. Why is it so important?

A lack of clarity is a breeding ground for fear. Being unsure or assuming is what creates confusion, overwhelm, and even hatred. Its essential for the health of your mind, and psyche that you not allow anything you are not sure of to cause you stress and worry. Its simply not worth it.

The antidote is research — either with ourselves and our desires or with what we are looking to manifest or call in. Research will yield more clarity, and will allow us to respond from a more secure, wise place. Our imaginations will feel free to play in sweeter scenarios, leaving us unencumbered by frightening thoughts of “what could be”.

If we are deeply aligned and clear about what we want, our imagination will unfold and unlock in a helpful and positive way, opening our lives up to a wellspring of power and manifestation.

And finally, the two wings of imagination are most definitely potential and intuition, the two concepts we went over in the last two articles. Potential and healthy intuition cannot be separated from the quest toward imagination or clarity — when those are strong, our dreams will take flight, and begin to manifest in our lives.

How can we bring more clarity into our lives and unlock our imagination?

1. Ask for it.
The most important thing we can do to bring clarity to our lives, and so often the thing we totally forget about. However it feels right: in prayer, a whisper, a request, a shout, to you or any Holy figure, all you have to do is ask.

2. Do something creative every day.
Buy a coloring book and crayons, paint a picture, sing, dance around your living room, write. Whatever moves you.

3. Research.
Make your dreams your independent study. Do you want to move across country? Do you want to get out of debt? Forgive your parents? Askfor a raise at your dream job? All require different kinds of research and clarity.

4. Write in a manifestation journal
Once you know what you want, start calling it in. Its another way of asking for it. Let your imagination run wild!

935263_136546573203351_1941162481_nLindsay Mack is a certified holistic health coach, and co-founder of Sophrosune Wellness. She is a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program, and joyfully resides in Brooklyn, NY. To find out more about Lindsay and how she coaches, visit If you would like to begin your own transformational wellness journey with Lindsay & Diana, email