Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Intuition Part II

Unlocking Your Intuition

By Lindsay Mack


As a coach, I work on dissecting a lot of fear based issues with my clients.

In doing this deep work around fear, one question inevitably comes up, which is how I know we are on the right track:

“This feels right, but I’m so scared. How do I know if this is my instinct? What if I’m just wrong? How do I tell the difference between a gut feeling, and fear?”


We have all been in that place in our lives, or asked that question at one time or another. The good news is that this very powerful question usually comes right before an amazing breakthrough or realization.

Distinguishing between your gut, and your fear is an essential continuation of allowing your potential to shine through. We ground down by getting clear about our potential and what we desire, then we fly free by unlocking our intuition by clarifying it from our fear, or self sabotage.

If we are living from a place of fear where we are disconnected from our bodies, we are easily thrown off our path. We do things we regret, we pull away from people, we live small.

Fear wants us to drop out of the race and peace out before things get too heavy.

When we live from a place of deep and clear connection with our instinct, we abide by that small voice that tells us to keep going. Things become possible, open, connected. Once we know that we are just afraid, it frees us to push through any fear we feel, ultimately working toward what we truly love, desire, and seek without being stopped.

The trick with instinct is that, at first, it sometimes feels wrong. That’s the biggest hurdle to overcome. Our instincts want to keep us stretching, growing. They are the wellspring of our wildest wants and desires. Our brains (fear) tend to want to keep us small, safe and where we are. Bypassing the fear to get to your instinct feels uncomfortable and unnatural at times, and that’s EXACTLY how you know that you are on the right path. Uncomfortable means growth is happening. And growth is messy, but beautiful.

So, how do we make this very important distinction?

Listen to your body, and quiet the mind.

How do we begin to effectively listen to our bodies, and tune out the chatter in our minds?

1) Take a “Sacred Pause”. When you’re feeling emotional overload, just stop. Pause for 30-60 seconds. Just be. Take a deep breath, and hang out in your body for a second. When we do this, it becomes easier and easier to see that we are not our thoughts, which are very often fear based. That larger sense of us is where our instinct stems from, and we get clear about it in that quiet space.

2) Breathe. A brilliant coach and mentor of mine once told me that fear is just excitement without breath. When we remember to breathe, deeply, calmly, we send a message to our brains and bodies that we’re okay. Instinct really flows from a place of quiet and calm.

3) When emotional, get objective. If you are panicking, angry, or deeply upset about any issue, just notice it without trying to change it. “Wow, okay, I notice that my body is freaking out, I notice that I’m really all over the place.” It immediately detaches you from the fear and leaves you open to hear your true impulses.

4) Thank your fear, then tell it to get out of your way.  If fear and your brain are really overtaking you on an issue, the above mantra really helps. Thank your brain for trying to protect you, to keep you safe, and then tell it that you are going to proceed anyway. I love you brain, but get out of the way.

5) Nourish yourself! This is one of the most important keys to accessing your intuition effectively – eat! It is infinitely more difficult to think clearly when your blood sugar is low, or your body is going into panic mode because it’s starving.! Stay hydrated and nourished with fresh vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, and you create a clear channel in which to connect with your intuition.

Listening to our bodies unlocks our intuition. It quiets the mind, and deepens the connection with our instincts. If you nurture a daily practice of tuning in with your body, your entire life will change for the better!

935263_136546573203351_1941162481_nLindsay Mack is a certified holistic health coach, and co-founder of Sophrosune Wellness. She is a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program, and joyfully resides in Brooklyn, NY. To find out more about Lindsay and how she coaches, visit If you would like to begin your own transformational wellness journey with Lindsay & Diana, email