Jewelry for a Cause: Satya for ZeeBerry and SurfRider



Satya Jewelry has partnered with online retailer, ZeeBerry, to design an exclusive limited edition bracelet benefiting the SurfRider Foundation. The beach-ready style features an earthy mix of brown and turquoise, with an exclusive wave charm. Tracy Bech, co-founder of ZeeBerry, said that partnering with Satya and SurfRider was a no-brainer. The e-tailer has a history of supporting environmentally-conscious organizations, and giving back is a major part of the Satya DNA.

ZeeBerry began charity partnerships with their designers in late 2012, each time choosing an organization with a focus on protecting our waters. The business was founded in Hood River Oregon, where several rivers, including the Columbia River, meet. “The Columbia is where we recreate,” said Bech. “We windsurf, kite board, swim and kayak there.” She believes that the theme of taking care of the earth is easily expressed in jewelry, which led to the partnership between Satya and SurfRider, which has been protecting oceans, waves and beaches since 1984.

Just as Satya fans have long come to us for jewelry for a cause, ZeeBerry customers have taken to supporting these causes, as well. “They make great gifts because they educate and have a strong meaning,” explained Bech. Plus, each piece can spark a conversation and spread awareness in a very natural way.

You can purchase the piece here and 20% of the retail price will be donated to SurfRider Foundation.