Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Intuition

The Art of Unlocking your Intuition

By Diana Scime-Sayegh

“Go inside and listen to your inner voice.
Every question has an answer.
Your soul is full of wisdom and knows the way.”-Yogi Bhajan

My last article taught us how to unlock our potential and ignite the strong fire of will, purpose, potential and manifestation that lives in the belly and Solar Plexus.

Continuing to build upon, harness and maintain that fire energy, let’s now dive into one of our greatest assets, our intuition. When we learn to listen to our inner wisdom and deep truth, we are able to take the steps that will  allow us to manifest our greatest desires.

When we wish for abundance and decide to manifest the life we want, we have to be attuned to our intuition so that we can act with clarity, trust, and the knowingness to ultimately walk down the path of true joy, stillness, and liberation.

To tap into our intuition, we find our meditation.

Below you’ll find my Open your Third Eye, Unlock your Intuition meditation to help you to engage and communicate with your greatest ally, your inner voice, your true and constant wisdom: your intuition.

Every answer you could ever seek, all the guidance you could ever need to create exactly the life you want, one full of abundance in money, love, friendship and joy lives inside of you. Through asana and meditation we clear old habits of the mind that distort our truth, hear and heed our third eye, practice non-judgement, and listen so that we may live our most exuberant life.

Open your Third Eye, Unlock your Intuition meditation

**If you’ve never meditated before, please don’t worry! There is no right or wrong way to meditate, there is only practice.  By showing up for yourself, by welcoming in the quiet and the voice of truth, you are proceeding perfectly. You can begin with just 3 minutes and reap great benefits; the amount of time you sit in your meditation will increase organically with time and practice. 

To begin:

Settle into your meditation seat; this can be on a yoga block or blanket, right on the ground, or in a chair.  The most important thing is that your spine is straight, your shoulders are rolled back and down away from you ears, and your chin in away from your chest; if you choose to sit in a chair then sit on the edge, with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Once you’ve found a comfortable seated position, simply begin to breathe.  Deep belly breaths to expand the stomach on the inhale and powerful, even exhales that bring the belly button all the way back toward the spine and empty the stomach completely of air.

Feel your seat strong and sturdy beneath you, invite your breath to welcome you into presence, and bring your palms face down on your knees.

If the mind wanders (as it will), gently bring it back to your breath. You can simply think to yourself, “now I inhale, now I exhale”, or if you want to take it a step further, invite in the phrase “sat (sah-t) nam” which means “I am truth”; if you choose this mantra repeat “sat” on the inhale, and “nam” on the exhale.

Once you’ve found grounding and presence, I ask you to bring your hands in prayer to your third eye/ the space in between your eyebrows (your thumbs will come to rest here).  Allow your focus to come to this place, and send your breath and “Sat Nam” mantra here.  See the third eye opening, looking around, exploring –see what it looks like, allow it to be whatever you want, whatever calls to you (mine looks like Liz Taylor’s eyes in Cleopatra!).  As you bring your focus to this place, see your inhales fill your third eye space with brilliant, incandescent indigo light. Fill yourself with this color, allow it to be your focus. Send all breath to this space.

Now simply listen.

Sit here for however long feels good and know that you control your mind, not the other way around! This too is a practice of intuition and trusting the self; knowing when it’s time to stay in the stillness, and knowing when its time to get up.

Everything is practice.


Remember, when we first open ourselves up to our intuition the voice may be very quiet, but nonetheless excited and ready to speak with us!  It is important not to panic or worry that you are doing something incorrectly or the work will not take hold.  Your subconscious will take care of everything, do now worry how. All you have to do is show up, allow yourself to explore the idea of stillness, and be patient and open to the idea that this is practice. Our intuition is based in the idea of trust- trusting ourselves and something much greater than ourselves.  In just welcoming in whatever comes up, whatever experience we have, we are honing our intuition.

Listen carefully, with love and receptivity, and your wisdom will begin to speak to you at great length and in greater and greater volume.  Again, this takes practice, so proceed with the intention of non-judgement, presence, detachment, and growth. Allow your third eye and your deep wisdom to unlock; you hold the key, this meditation will help you to turn it.

Do this daily, or as often as possible and as the calls begin to come in, be sure to heed them! Even if they seem scary or crazy, know that you can trust yourself, you can trust this voice, and you will be led down the path of your dharma.

Your knowledge is limitless and you always have the answer inside of you!  Seek it, unlock it, and fearlessly burst forth into manifestation, abundance, and peace.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”-Ram Dass

profileDiana is a passionate RYT, and co-founder of Sophrosune Wellness.  If you’d like to start a transformative & vibrant practice with Diana or just want to say hi, email .   If you want to burst open and change your life with Sophrosune Wellness email

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