Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Potential Part II


*This post is the second in a series of guest posts from the inspiring ladies at Sophrosune Wellness. Each month this summer, they will be sharing their take on how to incorporate the inspirations behind our collection into our daily life through yoga, meditation, and healthy habits.*

by Lindsay Mack

Going after what we truly desire, what we believe and know in our heart of hearts to be living up to our full potential, can be one of the greatest, most exhilarating and rewarding decisions of our lives.

It also can be a slow, cripplingly scary process, fraught with anxiety and indecision, especially if it involves a huge change. In other words, you can breath a sigh of relief – its not just you!

Our brains like to keep us safe and comfortable in familiar, albeit sometimes unsatisfying territory. It takes clarity, desire, courage, and practice to keep us moving forward, so we never become stuck in our lives.

Clarity so we know where we are going or what we want; desire, because nothing is a more powerful fuel in our spiritual and mental engine – we have to deeply want what we are going after. Courage, because great change takes guts, and practice, because the path to fulfilling our potential is rarely a straight one.

Unlocking our potential is truly an art, one that is created over time and through a perfect mix of deliberation and intuition. It is also a commitment to choice.

Choosing to dive through the fear and confusion, rather than staying safe, and choosing to always aim for growth, freedom, and wild possibilities in our lives.

Whether the Next Great Step in your life is your relationship, business, relocating, or just a little fluttery feeling of intuition or desire inside of you, these next four power tips will help you to get clear, focused, grounded, and energized!

1. Do a “brain dump”

An incredible, powerful exercise to banish feelings of overwhelm and confusion. Its also an amazing time management tool. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen or pencil (it doesn’t work on screens or devices!), and write free hand without stopping for 10 minutes about everything that is in your mind. Fears, concerns, desires, excuses, tasks, let everything spill onto the paper. After you have finished writing everything that is taking up space in your mind, review what you have written, and make a neat list of everything you URGENTLY HAVE TO DO (anything that’s time sensitive), NEED to do (important but can wait), and WANT to do, in that order. Then go through your list accordingly.

2. Take bold action

Taking any bold action is a message to the Universe that you are serious about what you want. What can you do right now to send that message?

3. Get desirous

Everything we aim and strive for has one common denominator: desire. What (or who!) do you want? How do you want to feel in your life? (For more on this, I highly recommend “The Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte. It’ll change your life.)

4. Get flexible

Flexibility is the most important tool in your arsenal. Stuff changes, and so do we. What you wanted when you were six surely isn’t what you want now. Allow yourself the freedom and room to grow, and life will respond in kind!

935263_136546573203351_1941162481_nLindsay Mack is a certified holistic health coach, and co-founder of Sophrosune Wellness. She is a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program, and joyfully resides in Brooklyn, NY. To find out more about Lindsay and how she coaches, visit If you would like to begin your own transformational wellness journey with Lindsay & Diana, email