Delightfully Unexpected – Creative Stretch Bracelet Stacks

Turquoise is a staple of the Satya Jewelry collection, both for its rich symbolism as the stone of health, intuition and self-expression, and also for its versatility as a goes-with-everything color. This summer is no exception, with turquoise accenting the silver styles in our Serpent Collection. Below, we highlight different ways to layer our favorite stone to create color combinations that are anything but predictable. Inspired by travel photos, art, and interior design, we hope that the pairings incite a creative spark within you to think outside of the box as you plan your next arm party!


A watercolor-inspired look featuring turquoise and purple hues. Get the look with amethyst, onyx, turquoise and cherry quartz.


This photo of Baha’i Gardens in Israel inspired us with its lush green hues and earthy yellows. Get the look with turquoise, smokey topaz, and yellow and olive jade.


Colorful tile work with shades of blue and sunny yellow. We suggest combining turquoise, and jade in hues of yellow, blue and white.


Our very own New York City skyline glows in rich shades of midnight blue and yellow. How about combining yellow jade, blue quartzite, onyx and turquoise for this nighttime-inspired look?


This hand-painted piece of furniture provided the most unexpected color combination of the bunch. We would never have thought of pairing all of these colors, but somehow, it worked, resulting in a colorful (and cheerful) look. You can layer just about any color, but here we included carnelian, blue quartzite, cherry quartz and turquoise.

Which of these combinations is your favorite? Have you discovered any unlikely pairings?