Tata Harper on Unlocking Your Potential and Following Your Dream

tata_pbFor the last few weeks, we have been focusing on the idea of Unlocking Your Potential, which is why we were so excited to join forces with all-natural skincare maven Tata Harper for an amazing giveaway (you can enter here). We were so inspired by her vision and dedication to creating a business from the ground up. We spoke to her about how she was able to tap into her full potential and make her dreams a reality.

Satya Jewelry: What did you do before you started your skincare line? How did you prepare yourself for this career change?

Tata Harper: Before I started my skincare line, I was living and working between Miami and New York,  working in real estate with my husband. The career change was definitely a transition, but a wonderful one! Once I had the inspiration to create a line of 100% natural, totally nontoxic and results-driven antiaging skincare products, I totally switched focuses and worked on this new project full time. It involved a lot of traveling around the world to meet with top biologists, dermatologists, and holistic health experts, who all contributed to the creation of my totally unique line.

SJ: When did you feel like you found your true calling as a natural skincare expert? Was this a scary feeling?

TH: I’ve always loved beauty and skincare; when I was growing up in Latin America, taking care of my skin, body and health overall was a priority, so it felt natural to start to focus in on the health and biology of the skin when formulating the line. I’ve always been curious about the skin as well as a lover of science and experimentation, so it was a lot of fun to study product formulation during the product creation process. During those years I studied aromatherapy, biology, homeopathy, natural ingredients and the skin that I became an expert on all of those subjects, and they all help me to continue to improve and expand our line.

SJ: It must have been challenging to overcome some of the negative connotations of “all natural” beauty products while founding your business. How did you make sure that you stayed true to your vision?

TH: Our vision is essentially to tackle the perception that natural can’t mean effective, with results-driven, super advanced natural skincare technology and high quality ingredients that deliver real results. It’s been a process of learning how to set ourselves apart by explaining that we are 100% natural and nontoxic, which is so much different than just being a “natural” brand. There’s a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what “natural” means, since it’s not a word that’s regulated in the industry (like “organic”), so really anyone can use it in marketing, including companies whose products contain combinations of synthetic and natural ingredients. We’re wholly committed to purity and results, and our products speak for themselves, in terms of quality and results. Staying committed to this philosophy has helped us stand out in the market, and fans of our line really believe in what we believe in, too.

SJ: Why is it so important to use all natural products?

TH: First of all,  it’s a wonderful thing to do for your skin and body, because purely natural skincare products that are made with high quality ingredients give the skin a nourished, healthy glow that you just can’t get with synthetic products. It looks and feels so wonderful. When it comes to health, the idea with switching to natural products is that it is important to consider what you use on your body every day, twice a day, throughout your whole life. Our skin can absorb many things that it comes in contact with, especially when those products are formulated specifically to penetrate the skin, so that they can deliver the results that we buy them for. There’s a chance then for ingredients to enter our bloodstream, especially when used repeatedly over time.  A lot of ingredients in everyday skincare and cosmetic products haven’t been tested for safety, so we don’t know if they’ll lead to health problems years down the road, and I believe that everyone deserves totally safe, trustworthy, natural products that deliver amazing results.

SJ: How long does it take to develop a new product? Do you ever feel impatient? If so, what keeps you going?

TH: It can take many years! The three new antiaging serums that we are about to release (June through August) took two years to perfect. It’s a long process of identifying a skin issue that we want to solve, and searching the globe for the highest quality ingredients that are proven to deliver results. I don’t really feel impatient because I know that rushing through formulation is never a good idea. We have to consider every detail, from the way the product smells, to the environmental-friendliness of every ingredient we source. We have very high standards for all of these things, so often it can take a while to get it just right.

SJ: Your company works hard to decrease their footprint on the environment. How can we all strive to do this in our own lives, making sure we leave the earth beautiful for generations to come?

TH: First of all, it’s important to remember that increasing the environmental friendliness of your lifestyle does not have to be a sacrifice of convenience or quality! There are amazing natural substitutes to just about every household product, it seems, and lots of resources ( like the Environmental Working Group’s Good Guide) to help you determine what’s healthiest for yourself, your family and the planet. It’s sort of fun to tackle your household and detoxify it product by product, or to learn to make your own substitutes at home. It’s fun to get advice from friends and neighbors. To me, I know that if I tried to make every single element of my life greener, I’d go crazy, so I do what I can, and that feels good. As a business-owner, I know that the impacts of my skincare line are much larger than just mine as an individual, so in that case, the decisions carry more weight, and we do everything we can to keep our impact on the environment super low. Responsible businesses are becoming the norm more and more, which I think is a fantastic thing!

SJ: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? What is the best piece of advice you could give someone who has an idea, but is afraid to make it a reality?

TH: I’ve always really taken to heart any advice that’s about perseverance, determination and persistence. I believe it’s so important to finish what you start, and to put all of your energy into making a dream that you’re passionate about a reality. I think that’s the best advice I could give someone – to just really go for it! Committed, determined people can make a difference in the world and that’s what it’s all about.

Learn more about Tata Harper skincare at www.tataharperskincare.com