Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Potential

*This post is the first in a series of guest posts from the inspiring ladies at Sophrosune Wellness. Each month this summer, they will be sharing their take on how to incorporate the inspirations behind our collection into our daily life through yoga, meditation, and healthy habits.*

by: Diana Scime-Sayegh

The ability to manifest our purpose and our best lives dwells in the fire of our core, our solar plexus, our gut.  When we choose to ignite the fire in this seat of power we are rewarded with great energy that helps us to break through inertia and fulfill our potential. Sparking the flame that exists within the belly brings great vibrancy to life, and allows us to take on the world with great confidence.

The beauty of yoga is that we do not have to understand it, we just have show up.  If we practice from a place of non-judgment, receptivity, and presence the innumerable benefits that exist within our asana poses burst forth, and propel us into shattering and unlocking our true potential.

I’ve designed a 20 minute “Fire Life-Burst” energizing asana sequence and an “Ignite your Fire” Meditation to get you ablaze quickly and powerfully.


**Throughout your asana practice, see your belly growing vibrant and powerful, filled with the most beautiful bright life-giving yellow light you have ever seen.  Keep your focus here throughout the practice, and with each inhale invite a little more sunlight into the core. Allow the heat to build and submerge into it; find the purpose of your action.

Fire Life-Burst Asana Sequence

Child’s Pose:  Knees wides, hips on the heels, arms long in front of you, forehead to the mat. Find the breath, and allow the belly to grow big on the inhale, and the belly button to come all the way back toward the spine on the exhale.  3-5 breaths
Cat/Cow: Come to all fours, inhale into cow (head and tailbone lift, chest opens, belly drops), exhale into cat (head and tailbone drop, spine rounds, belly comes in).  3-5 full rounds.
Neutral spine; Extended Table Top:  Extend your right arm out in front of you, and your left leg behind you, foot flexed.  Look straight ahead, engage the belly, and square the hips. Hold for 3-5 breaths, repeat other side.
Exhale -> Down Dog
Down Dog Crunches: Inhale the right leg up; exhale spine curves and knee comes to nose; hold knee to nose for a few seconds, then inhale the leg back up.  Do this 3-5 times, repeat other side.
Inhale & come to the top of your mat
Exhale-> Forward Fold; Inhale-> Flat Back (palms come to calves or thighs, back is flat, look forward); Exhale->Release Forward Fold

Inhale -> High Plank: Plant the hands, engage the belly hold high plank (high push up position); 5-10 seconds
Exhale-> Forearm Plank:  Come to the forearms, intertwine the fingers, engage the belly, toes are curled.  Hold here for 5-10 seconds
Inhale -> High Plank
Flow (exhale chattarunga, one legged if it moves you! *elbows tucked!!*, inhale-> high cobra or up dog, exhale->down dog)
Down Dog Crunches
Inhale-> High Plank  Leg Lifts:  In high plank, lift the right foot two inches off the ground, hold 5-10 seconds; repeat other side

Down Dog Crunches
Inhale-> top of mat
Exhale->forward fold
Inhale->Back Bend: hands come to prayer, up over the top of head, dip backwards letting your eyes lead your body; exhale as you release the back bend, hands come to heart in prayer
Exhale ->Chair Pose: Torso straight and belly engaged, toes touching , legs together; bend into the hips and sit as low as you can, weight back in the heels; hands on your thighs or arms shoulder width above the head.  Hold 5 breaths & then press onto the toes so that the heels come off the ground; come to stand straight with hands in high prayer (hands above the head, palms touching), heels come to the mat.
High Prayer Side Dips: Keep the hands above the head, engage the belly, keep the toes together and lean from the waist to the right side, keeping shoulders square;  hold for 5 breaths; come back to center and repeat on the other side; come back to center and take a back bend **toes touch!!
Exhale Forward Fold; Inhale -> Flat Back; Exhale->Release Forward Fold
Inhale-> High Plank Crunches:  Lift the right leg a few inches from the ground, exhale knee to nose, inhale press it back out with foot lifted; 5 times each side
Exhale->Down Dog
Side plank: Inhale to high plank,  plant the right hand, roll to the right side with legs stacked, hips high, belly strong; hold 5 breaths.  Add leg lifts if it’s comfortable. Repeat other side.
Inhale ->High Plank
Exhale -> Child’s Pose; gently come to the knees and bow down; 5 breaths
Slowly roll up and sit on the heels, bring your hands to your heart and thank yourself! Feel the fire pulsating throughout your body, filling your core with energy and purpose.  Feel the heat and see the blinding yellow light that lives in the belly.  Feel the fire you have created, and continue to stoke it.

Slowly roll up, and come to your seat.
Inhale ->Staff Pose: hands beside the hips, legs long in front of you, feet flexed.
Exhale->Seated Forward Fold; 3-5 breaths
Slowly roll up
Ab Lay Back: Place soles of the feet on the mat; knees bent arms lifted along your sides, fingers point forward.  Using only your core, and keeping your feet planted, roll down to the mat on a count of 10
Hug your Knees: Lay down heavy on the mat, hug your knees into your chest, and thank yourself again!
Bring your legs out long in front of you.
Ankle Lifts: Interwine your fingers behind your head and lift it, keeping the neck lock and  your elbows wide. Inhale both feet about 2 inches off the ground. Place the heel of the right foot on top of the ankle of the left foot; hold 5-10 seconds. Repeat other side
Hug your Knees: Lay heavy on the mat; hug your knees into your chest. Keeping your knees hugged to your chest, rock front to back building the momentum to come to a seated position.
Boat Pose:  Sitting upright, lift your legs as straight and high as possible, toes pointed; lift your arms and bring them to your sides.  Engage the core to keep you lifted, bring your chin away from your chest, and allow your neck to be long. Hold 10-15 seconds.
Release; hug your knees and roll to your back
Rock gently from side to side
Kundalini Alternate Leg Lifts:  Lay flat on your back, hands palm down under your seat, legs extended long. Inhale the right leg up 90 degrees, exhale it down; inhale the left leg up, exhale it down etc.  Allow the shoulders to stay on the ground, and breath! Do this for 3 minutes.
Hug your Knees: rock from side to side
Reclined Goddess: bring the soles of your feet to touch, and allow your knees to come to the ground so that your legs are in a diamond shape.  Let the hips open; hold for 5 breaths.
Savasana:  Rest for 5 minutes in a beautiful, juicy, and well earned corpse pose.  Everything releases, body is heavy, long and weighted on the mat. Don’t skip your savasana, it is when all of your hard work integrates!
Roll to your right side, press yourself up to a seated position, cup your hands and gather the prana (lifeforce) along your sides up into high prayer, bring your hands down to your belly.  Bow your head and thank yourself!! Feel your potential ignited!


Ignite Your Fire Meditation

(meditate for at least 3 minutes)

Come to a comfortable seated position, spine straight, shoulders back, ears away from shoulders, chin away from chest.

Breath: now I inhale, now I exhale.  The belly grows big when you take in breath, when you take in life, the belly button comes back toward the spine as you exhale the ash of all that which does not serve you. Maintain this breath throughout your meditation.

Bring the focus to the belly, and begin to visualize a huge fire within it. Hear it crackle, smell its heat, feel the power of its blaze filling you from the inside.  With each inhale bring in bright, yellow light and allow the flames to expand bigger and bigger, with each exhale see the ash that’s been burned leaving, taken by the ethers, to never plague you again.

This ash is what blocks you from unlocking your potential, from igniting your will, from harnessing your power.

When the mind wanders, lets the thoughts slip off, and bring it back to the flame, the heat, the glow, the swelter of the fire inside of you.  When the mind wanders, bring it back to the intense blaze alive in your belly, alive in your soul.

Maintain this concentration; seeing, feeling, inhaling the flames bigger and bigger, whole body hot and alive with growth, purpose, and energy.

Sit here until you are ready to move, feel your cells bursting with new life, and your will and ability to take on life fearlessly rising up in you-burning, pulsating, flush with potential and clarity.



Diana is a passionate RYT, and co-founder of Sophrosune Wellness.  If you’d like to start a transformative & vibrant practice with Diana or just want to say hi, please email .   If you want to burst open and change your life with Sophrosune Wellness please email

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