Awakening the Kundalini Serpent

The serpent figures as an important symbol in cultural traditions across the world. While designing our Summer Collection, however, we were inspired specifically by the idea of the kundalini serpent as a representation of the potential energy that lies within each of us, waiting to be unlocked.

We spoke to Paramatama Siri Sadhana, of Golden Bridge Yoga, one of the country’s most renowned kundalini yoga studios, to give shed some light on the idea of kundalini energy, and what we can do in our day-to-day life to tap into our inner potential. Here is what she has to say:

In the Kundalini Yoga lineage, the coiled serpent is the symbol of the innate potential and creative energy present in every human being. This potential lies like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine; in fact, the word “kundalini” literally means “coiled up. Kundalini yoga consists of both physical exercises and meditations that are practiced with the goal of awakening this energy, which gradually makes its way up the spine until it is eventually released through the crown chakra, or top of the head. Once released, the yogi is said to experience a sort of mystical awakening.


Below, five ways that anyone can apply kundalini principles towards awakening this powerful energy inside of us:
Breath – kundalini yoga emphasizes the idea of working consciously with the breath as a way to find deeper connections. Simple breathing exercises will make you feel more in-tune with your own body and the world around you
Kindness – this is a practice that everyone can commit to. Strive to see the goodness in everyone and reflect this essence with patience and loving presence.
Creativity – by engaging in creative practices like dancing, painting and writing, we reinforce the vibrations of creativity to continue to build within us.
Focus and Intention – By connecting our inner focus with the ultimate aims of our practice, we become more open to the magic of the universe.
Jewelry – wearing healing gems, especially malas, organizes our energies in very powerful ways.
But the easiest way to nurture the kundalini energy is simply by being conscious in all of our actions. Eat consciously. Consciously create sacred spaces (more on that in a later blog post!). Create a sense of community. Express ourselves consciously and with intention.

Kundalini yoga is also called the “Yoga of Awareness,” and the symbolism of the serpent teaches us that through conscious application of our attention and intention, we can arouse even greater creativity to emanate from within us. In this way, we can better serve ourselves and our community, working toward achieving our truest potential. It is this elevated ability to serve that is the true mail of all yoga practices, and the power to achieve it lies within each of us.


About Paramatma Siri Sadhana:

Paramatma Siri Sadhana studied directly with Yogi Bhajan from childhood.  She is known as the “google of kundalini yoga” and the “secret weapon” for many private clients in NYC, celebrated for her vast wisdom and her acuity in delivering ancient practices in poetic ways that relevant to modern sensibilities.
Her passion is leading workshops and retreats for women.

Golden Bridge Yoga NYC class schedule:
Tuesday – 12:00 pm – Kundalini Mantra, Meditation + Extended Gong
Wednesday –  10:30am – Women’s Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class
Friday – 6:00 pm – Dream Gong Workshop

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