Update Your Yoga Wardrobe

I was recently doing some spring cleaning when I realized that the majority of my yoga gear was as old as my practice. My leggings were losing their stretch, and my tank tops had seen better days. Time for a wardrobe update! Here are the pieces I’m loving right now:


1. Lululemon No Limit Tank

For the longest time, I thought tighter was better when it came to yoga tanks, figuring that something snug would protect my dignity during inversions. A friend recommended this tank to me, and I couldn’t be happier with it – it’s loose and tight in the right places, and I never have to adjust it during class.

2. be present Agility Pants

These pants are perfect for a restorative yoga class, or when you just want to feel a little less restricted than stuffed into a pair of leggings (or when you are having a lazy Sunday at home). Plus, the embroidered details are a fun addition.

3. Athleta Prasada Tank
Something about knowing that this stunner of a tank is in my drawer motivates me to rise and shine for a pre-work yoga class every Tuesday morning. It’s hard not to feel energized in day-glo yellow, right?

4. Victoria’s Secret The Most-Loved Yoga Crop Pant

I was skeptical, too, but when my cousin gave me a pair of these pants for Christmas last year, I was hooked. I tend to skew more towards the demure designs, like solids and stripes, as opposed to the metallic and leopard accents that are offered. They’re great because they don’t look too yoga-ish, so they work for running or going to the gym, too. Plus, how great is that price?

5. GapFit gFast capris

My go-to for basic black leggings is GapFit’s gFast capris. I wear them on hikes, too, and they’re like a second skin. Two other positives – the waistband isn’t super-tight, so it’s always flattering, and they don’t get shiny when they stretch.

6. Lululemon Pure Balance Water Bottle

This glass water bottle is wrapped in cheery cantaloupe-hued silicone, ensuring that water stays cold, clean, and in-tact on my travels to and from the yoga studio.

7. Lole Balasana Cardigan

No matter how much of a sweat I worked up during class, my body cools down quickly during savasana. As much as I could easily swathe myself in a studio blanket, we all know they’re itchy and, well, sometimes sort of gross. I like carrying an easy pullover with me that I can wear to keep my body temperature regulated.

What are your favorite pieces of yoga gear? We’d love to hear about them!