Spotlight On: Diamond Jewelry

April birthdays sure are lucky, with the diamond as their birthstone! In addition to being a girl’s best friend, diamonds are a symbol of clarity, abundance and power.

You don’t have to be invited to a black tie gala to wear add some diamond sparkle into your wardrobe. Even the simplest of diamond styles should inspire you to see things a little more clearly, and make decisions with confidence.

Check out our favorite diamond styles (with some under $50) below.


Our Born to Be birthstone collection is a go-to for gifts, since each piece is meant to inspire the wearer to embody the characteristics of their birthstone whenever they wear it! Born to Be Birthstone Necklace, $48


The perfect everyday necklace with a hint of sparkle, we love this diamond version of our protective eye necklace. Kind Eye Necklace, $178


For the ultimate April birthday gift, our regal citrine and diamond dangle earrings will have anyone feeling like a queen.  Sunny Splendor Earrings, $1028