India 2013

Each March, the office gets just a little bit jealous when Satya makes her annual trip to India. While there, she visits some of our factories and stone suppliers, refreshes and recharges at her favorite ashram, and, perhaps the highlight of the trip, is able to visit some of the organizations that The Satya Foundation supports. We went through (literally) hundreds of photos so give you an inside look at this year’s trip, which took Satya and Rohini all the way from Rishikesh to Jaipur to Vrindavan.

This sculpture was spotted in the Delhi airport – after such a long flight, a few sun salutations were definitely in order!


Throughout the trip, Satya and Rohini made some, shall we say, furry friends.


In Rishikesh, Satya and Rohini visited Ramana’s Garden, an orphanage that is very close to our hearts. In addition to providing over 60 children with food, shelter, and an education, Ramana’s Garden also instills a sense of self-sufficiency and achievement in the children who live there. They are taught to garden, and sell their product at local markets.

The actual garden at Ramana's Garden. How fresh and delicious does all of that produce look?

The actual garden at Ramana’s Garden. How fresh and delicious does all of that produce look?

They are also taught how to make jewelry. Each piece they create is tagged with the name of the child who made it, and sold in town. The money from each piece goes to a bank account that helps fund the children’s education. It is always such an inspiration to visit Ramana’s Garden and be inspired by how much good one person can do. We love sharing these photos with you, so you can see your purchases in action, making a difference!


The children are choosing from the beads that Satya brought them for their jewelry-making.


Prabha, who founded Ramana’s Garden almost 20 years ago, sorts through the beads with the children.


Satya and Gurmukh with the children of Ramana’s Garden


Showing the children the Arm Yourself bracelet that we designed to directly benefit their home. They were so excited!


This year, a new city was added to the itinerary – Vrindavan, one of the holiest cities in all of India. Lord Krishna is said to have grown up here, and there are temples and shrines throughout the city in his honor.


The Prem Mandir Temple in Vrindavan. At right, a woman preparing flowers for garlands to decorate the deities inside.

At Radha Damodar Mandir in Vrindavan

At Radha Damodar Mandir in Vrindavan

Satya has infused so much inspiration and excitement throughout the office upon her return. We know we’ll be using these photos for endless doses of inspiration!

Have you ever been to India, or is it on your list of “places to see?”