The Egyptian Lotus – Spring 2013 Inspiration

Our Spring 2013 collection was inspired by the Egyptian Lotus. It’s no secret that the lotus is a favorite symbol of ours here at Satya. This season, however, we explored the history of the flower, the symbol of new beginnings, and found that we’re not the only one enamored of its meaning.


Traditionally, the Egyptian lotus symbolizes rebirth and creation. This is due largely in part to the physical behavior of the flower.  When dusk arrives, the lotus closes and sinks under water for the night.When dawn breaks, the lotus re-emerges and blooms. How’s that for beauty sleep?

When bloomed, the lotus’s blue petals surround a golden center , imitating the morning sky. Because of this resemblance, Egyptian mythology links the lotus with the story of creation and the sun god. In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening, while in Hinduism it is linked to beauty, fertility, and spirituality.

Lotuses are usually found in three different colors: white, blue, and pink.The first two  are native to Egypt., and are depicted often in ancient hieroglyphics. King Tut is said to have had blue lotuses scattered upon his body prior to burial. It was believed that the flower contained 4,000 years of spiritual enlightenment.


The god Nefertem was said to have been born as a lotus flower. In art, he is depicted with a blue lotus on his head, symbolizing beauty.


What do you think of this new interpretation of the lotus?
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