Date Night Ideas from the Satya Team

Working for jewelry designers, Valentine’s Day is understandably a big deal around the office. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been chatting about our plans and frustrations for the day. Of course we want to celebrate our relationships! But, do we have to get a reservation at the fanciest place in town to prove our love? We think not. Check out some of the Satya staffers’ ideal Valentine’s Day plans, and get some inspiration for some outside-the-box date nights of your own. Rock climbing anyone?

Marketing Manager, Christina


This year, my husband and I are forgoing a fancy dinner and opting for something we both enjoy – rock climbing! We’ve been hooked on indoor climbing at our local Brooklyn Boulders gym since the summer. It’s an activity we’re both passionate about, and we get to do it together (and hopefully beat the crowds!).

Inventory Systems Manager, Messiah

photo 2

My wife and I are always up for a little friendly competition, and we like keeping things low-key. We’re going to go to our favorite dive bar, The Fat Cat, and have a ping pong tournament while we listen to live jazz. The winner gets to choose where we go for dinner. The best part, it won’t cost more than $50!

Office Manager, Kim


Every Sunday morning, having coffee with my boyfriend is my perfect date. (Donut Shop K-Cups are my favorite). We’re going to Washington D.C. for the weekend. Each year we go on a little romantic getaway. Hopefully this year it will come with a ring!


Production Department, Suzell

Every year, my husband and I plan something different. This year was my turn to plan, so I cheated a little and asked our two year old son what we should do. He loves boats, so, I booked us a dinner cruise through Let’s Cruise around New York City (I found it on Groupon!).

E-Commerce Manager, Lauren


We’re going to our favorite burrito joint, Papacitos, where we’ll dine on delicious seitan tacos, chips and salsa and share a lover’s margarita! Afterwards we’ll go to our favorite craft beer bar, Pine Box Rock Shop (they always have new and delicious IPAs). After that, we’ll probably go home and watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory until one of us passes out.

How do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day? Did the Satya team inspire you to try something different this year?