Small Town Girl, Big City Adventure

Hi everyone! I’m a small town girl-turned-New Yorker, and the new Social Media and Marketing intern here at Satya (my friends call me Chelsea).  I grew up in a Wisconsin town with more lakes and cabins than residents, so before moving to NYC I was constantly asked if I was scared, since “It’s a big place ya know.” I was fully aware of this minor detail and, while it was a little daunting, I was more thrilled by the adventure in front of me.

Right before I started, Satya launched a city-wide marketing campaign. One of my first projects was to explore the city and track down Satya images throughout the streets of NY.  This was no small feat since I had barely been in the city 24 hours. But, I happily accepted the challenge, and for a few days I documented my travels and the wonderful sights, places, and treats that Manhattan has to offer.

The subway and I became great friends. I’m happy to report I only got turned around a handful of times (not bad, right?).

One of my first stops was near Lincoln Center. Lucky for me New York Fashion Week was in full swing! I could hardly contain my excitement at the possibility of walking past a designer or someone famous jetting off to see the next show. Although I didn’t spot any A-listers, a Sarah Jessica Parker-esque woman strolled by me in a spectacular ensemble fit for any superstar.

The intersection of Bleecker and Grove Streets in the heart of the West Village was one of my first stops, and the sun shined brightly down on the perfectly placed posters.

Feeling in need of a little sugar rush, I wandered into Café Angelique for my favorite dessert: a cupcake! My strawberry jam filled vanilla selection more then hit the spot.

Murray Street and Broadway provided another stunning location for more posters.

Speaking of posters, I almost walked right past Philip Williams Posters, but am glad I didn’t. This shop, which sells original vintage posters, was so unique with its stacks upon stacks of posters just waiting to be explored. It turns out, it is the largest vintage poster gallery in the world – so cool! I definitely plan on stopping back here in an effort to spruce up my apartment.

Of course, I had to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

The corner of Delancey and Essex Streets on the trendy Lower East Side was home to another location of a Satya poster and a peek at the city waiting in the background. A great combo if you ask me!

As we all know, NYC is one of the shopping and fashion meccas of the world and Leekan Designs did not disappoint.  Back in the Midwest, we are mostly limited to your big box retailers, so it is a nice change of pace to walk into eclectic stores like this. Leekan Designs was a treat for my eyes with vibrant, ethnic offerings. Countless beads, textiles, and ceramics covered every inch of their beautiful store.  I came out of the trip with two coy fish gems that I plan on turning into a pair of DIY earrings!

After exploring what felt like every corner of the city (although I barely scratched the surface) I had worked up an appetite. Sticky Rice came to the rescue. For a delicious Thai lunch that only cost me $8.95, I was one happy lady.

With my Manhattan adventure just starting off I couldn’t be happier sharing a part of it with Satya Jewelry! Being a Midwest born girl, I have a lot more to learn about the many facets of the city. What’s your advice for me as I’m just starting out? Any must see sights or to-die-for restaurants that are your favorite? I would love to hear about them!

Fashion’s Night Out 2012


Satya Jewelry joined the fashion community in one of the most exciting evenings of the year – Fashion’s Night Out! It’s a night when people fill the streets, boutique-hopping as they sip on champagne, sample the latest products, view the latest collections, and collect tons of swag.

This year, we teamed up with Kristen Arnett of Green Beauty Team, who is doing really amazing things to change the way we look at what we put on our skin. The theme of our event was to inspire everyone who walked through our doors to Arm Themselves for the fall season by looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.


How did we do this? All of the FNO revelers who stopped by received a goody bag filled with all-natural beauty loot from Primitive Makeup, Dr. Hauschka and Revolution Organics. They were treated to mini lip makeovers from Kristen, which they were able to show off in our photobooth.

Plus, those who made a purchase also received an Arm Yourself bracelet!

More pictures of our amazing evening below.


Goody bag loot!


Lip liner, gloss and lipstick at the ready!


Satya (left) after her lip makeover from Kristen (right). And me (middle), capturing the moment!


The crowd is lining up!


Kanan walking customers through The Celestial Collection


Posing for silly photos (who says princesses can’t also have mustaches?) in our photo booth.


Lips done? Check. Photo booth strips? Check!


Kanan, Roger and Jenna at the end of a successful evening!