Satya Staff Field Trip!

Field trips were always the highlight of the school year, so imagine our delight when we received this in our inboxes! (And even further happiness to find out that we’d be starting our week off with a Mala Workshop and not a typical case of the Mondays).


Satya began the day by leading us in a guided meditation, where we focused on something we wanted to achieve or attain – anything from finding the strength to kinder in our daily lives, to finally moving into a bigger apartment. Using the process of making a mala as a metaphor for the journeys we take each day, we were led through the ups and downs of making our dreams a reality.


Satya leading the group in meditation

Desare, Roxann and Yifaa enjoying the meditation.

The process of making a mala is at once relaxing and challenging. It requires patience, attention to detail, and a willingness to be content with imperfections. Each of the 108 beads is hand-knotted on silk cord. Sounds simple, right? The trick is knotting as close to the previous bead as possible, and the technique takes quite a few tries to nail down. But, it was fun to see our progress bead by bead.

Pyrite and fuchsia silk are ready to be mala-ized!

Roxann has mastered the art of knotting and is now halfway through her rose quartz mala!

Snacks like trail mix and crisp summer grapes provided fuel on our jewelry-making journey.


Phurbu helping Laureni put the tassel on her mala

What’s better than help from Satya herself?

After a few hours, we all left with our very own handmade unique Satya piece. There have been a lot more malas being worn around the office these days, and we all have our own story to tell about them.

Suzell is rocking her new green jade mala – how great does it look?!

Desare chose matte onyx for her mala – it was one of the most popular stones of the day!