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The Book of Symbols: Ganesha

Ganesha is a symbol often incorporated in Satya’s collections. Ganesha depicts a man with a round belly and elephant head widely found in India and Nepal. Some Hindu sects worship him as a deity, and some Buddhists as well; there’s even a Ganesh museum in Thailand and a festival in India. Ganesha is a multifaceted […]

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The Book of Symbols: Hamsa

The hamsa symbol depicting an inverted right hand with an open eye in the middle gets its name from the Arabic word for ‘five’. Many different cultures and background have adopted this symbol believing that the hamsa offers protection. Early origins of the hamsa come from the Buddha’s mudra, (there are many mudras, which all […]

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The Book of Symbols: Om

The mantra “Om” is familiar to anyone who’s ever taken a yoga class, where it is often chanted at the beginning and end of the session. But what does Om mean? Of Hindu origin, the syllable “Om” represents the beginning of all creation. The vibration of the sound Om symbolizes the manifestation of God. When […]

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