Satya Jewelry started when longtime friends Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick-Ward arrived at a moment and a name that felt wonderfully right for their shared dream—to design and make jewelry that is beautiful because of what it means.

Satya and Beth met in New York City, like so many creative young people drawn to the world of art and fashion.  Beth had developed her own accessory line at the age of 17 and Satya was raised in the New York area in a large, artistic family and also discovered a passion for design early in life.

The company came into being as each was reaching a turning point in her life. Satya was completing an intensive yoga teacher training in the Bahamas when she grasped the possibility of connecting jewelry design and positive social change. Her newly acquired yoga name seemed perfect for the venture. Beth had taken a sabbatical in Thailand, which had given her time to fall under the spell of serene cultures and study Buddhist ideas of compassion. She was, in sum, completely open to the idea that her friend proposed. That’s how Satya Jewelry was born.

Satya means truth in Sanskrit. This name is a reminder that being authentic is more than just an important value—it’s the compass that guides the designers and their customers on their journeys. The Satya woman is an explorer who approaches life as a journey, who is open to discovery and the adventure of the new and unfamiliar. She is engaged with her own inner journey, committed to staying true to herself. Satya Jewelry is about creating pieces with sensual appeal and meaning, that delight, inspire and empower the wearer. Most of all, Satya and Beth love seeing these designs cherished because of what they symbolize to those who wear them and share them as gifts.

Satya Jewelry celebrates the adventures of lives lived fearlessly.

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