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Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Imagination

How to Unlock Your Imagination By Lindsay Mack Have you ever wanted desperately to make a change in your life, but felt a little fearful and completely unsure of what direction to go in? On the other side, have you ever experienced a time where you felt so clear and grounded that you were able […]

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Bonjour! Satya goes to Paris

Valiance, our Wholesale Director, flew to Paris to share the latest Satya Jewelry collection at Premiere Classe. She was sure to keep her iPhone handy for her short, yet sweet Parisian adventure, giving us a visual diary of the highlights of her trip. You’ll be able to get a first view of Satya’s new look, […]

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Guest Post: The Art of Unlocking Your Intuition Part II

Unlocking Your Intuition By Lindsay Mack As a coach, I work on dissecting a lot of fear based issues with my clients. In doing this deep work around fear, one question inevitably comes up, which is how I know we are on the right track: “This feels right, but I’m so scared. How do I […]

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