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Surf’s Up: Our Collaboration with Bloomingdale’s and Surfer’s Healing

We designed two pieces to be sold exclusively in Bloomingdale’s stores throughout the month of April as part of a partnership with Surfer’s Healing. The organization was founded by Israel and Danielle Paskowitz after they saw the calming effects the ocean had on their autistic son, Isaiah. They now run surf camps throughout the country, […]

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Planting the Seed: The Rudraksha Mala

Any Satya fan knows that malas are an integral part of any Satya Jewelry collection. The mala is a traditional Buddhist tool of prayer, featuring 108 beads on which to meditate. Most malas consist of beads strung together on hand-knotted silk, with a tassel at the end. Our Seeds of Change Mala stands apart because […]

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Spotlight On: Diamond Jewelry

April birthdays sure are lucky, with the diamond as their birthstone! In addition to being a girl’s best friend, diamonds are a symbol of clarity, abundance and power. You don’t have to be invited to a black tie gala to wear add some diamond sparkle into your wardrobe. Even the simplest of diamond styles should […]

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